Thought for the Week


                                       “On the Way to the Lighthouse”

“Be concerned about the future – the rest of your life will be spent there.”    ~ Charles Frances Kettering

Farmers’ Market

farmers-marketThe main Ridgefield Farmer’s market is closed for the season, but some vendors are still planning to participate in some activities during First Saturdays.

Thanks, Bob Mayfield, for sponsoring this lively and entertaining market all summer.


Clark College Master Plan


Clark College’s Facilities Master Plan will be presented in Ridgefield Tuesday, October 25, at 5pm at Corwin Beverage. The public is invited to attend and give feedback on the draft.

North Clark County is an area where the college can fulfill its mission of providing access to underserved areas of its service district. Depending on the state funding process, construction of the first building could occur in 2020.

The Ridgefield site is the result of a generous donation from Hank and Bernice Boschma, who for many years owned a dairy farm at that location. Combined with an additional 10-acre parcel purchased by the Clark College Foundation, Clark College at Boschma Farms sits at the east end of the I-5/SR 501 interchange, making it easily accessible to students from throughout the North County region.

Those unable to attend the meeting can submit feedback at

Make it a Million (Plus)


Friends of the Ridgefield Library will be at the Chickadee Bazaar at the Community Center Saturday, Novemeber 5, selling baked goods and (of course) books, among other things.

The bazaar is sponsored by the Ridgefield Art Association and it’s a good place to start your holiday shopping.

 It’s easy to donate to the library building fund. Make your check out to the Friends of the Ridgefield Library and mail it to PO Box 534, Ridgefield, WA 98642, or take it to the library. Contributions may be tax deductible. If you want to be a Cornerstone member by donating $1000, the money can be paid in regular increments, but you do need to sign a form in order for the Treasurer to track payments. You can designate your donation be used only for the building fund if you like.

Hallow’en House


Her’s Maureen O’Reilly at the Main Street program this morning, advertising the Hallowe’en House that will be at Abrams Park Friday and Saturday October 28 and 29 from 6 to 10pm. Bring your kids and grandkids down for a fun evening of festivites – nothing too scary.

View Ridge Volleyball Girls Serve Up Aces On and Off the Court


The View Ridge Middle School girls’ volleyball program is nearly unbeatable in the 2016 season.  The combined match win-loss record for the school’s five teams totals 41 wins and 4 losses.  Perhaps more impressively, the girls won 123 of 135 sets played (best of three sets, which is typical of middle school games).   img_7685-1

The players and coaches will tell you that they are not obsessed with winning.  At a school committed to “high levels of character development and academic achievement,” winning is the icing on the cake compared to focusing on core covenants and getting better every day.

View Ridge is one of the few area middle schools that makes sure that every student gets to participate in its athletic programs, even if it means forming more teams.  This year, the school put together five teams to accommodate approximately 60 girls–nearly one-third of all girls in the school.  The teams include students ranging from highly skilled, experienced athletes to students playing a sport for the first time.

“We think participating in a sport offers a unique experience that cannot always be replicated in a classroom setting and supports important aspects of character development that are central to our mission,” says Tony Smith, principal.  “So we try to have enough teams to offer opportunities for all to have a chance to play.”


One can’t help but notice a high level of focus and attention to technique, but more importantly, the encouragement demonstrated by coaches and teammates at View Ridge volleyball games. The girls play with joy, humor, and always with an extraordinary belief in their abilities on the court.  Coach Allyson Ames, a former collegiate player at Gonzaga University, believes this attitude comes from an excellent coaching staff.  She is assisted by fellow coaches Chon Clayton, Nam Nguyen, Jason Buffum, and Nick Veys.

“We have this level of success because we are a 7-12 program in Ridgefield.  The girls have fun playing, and they know they have a place in our program,” says Ames. “The high school comes to watch us play, we go watch the high school, and one day, all 8th graders go to the HS to practice. We have the same standards for high school and middle school.”

She also credits the staff as a whole, saying “we have great coaches that keep practices engaging and fun.  Every girl gets better with every touch on the ball.” The coaches keep things upbeat with team bonding events (featuring pizza or ice cream), secret sister exchanges, and other chemistry building exercises.  At every practice and game, the staff can be seen coaching the athletes at every skill level, providing a valuable experience for each student that extends far beyond the sport.

Jaynie Murray, a member of the 8th grade team, spoke about this after the season ended. “We were very successful because on our team, we were kind to everyone.  If someone made a mistake, we encouraged them,” she said.  She talked about how fun it was to be a part of a team and to represent View Ridge when playing at other schools.


Her teammate, Willow Wuori, added that the team was “really good about working together and communicating and having good chemistry.” While the team experienced a great deal of success, Wuori reflected on her team’s only loss as the biggest learning experience. “The Hockinson game put things in perspective that we have to keep working hard and getting better,” she said.

The future of Ridgefield girls’ volleyball is bright due to the foundation set at the middle school level.  But more importantly, the girls on the View Ridge Middle School team are gaining skills and experiences that will serve them well far beyond the volleyball court.

After-Hours at Sportsman’s

The Ridgefield Business Association held an After-Hours at the Sportsman’s last night. It was a chance for business people to get together in an informal setting to chat and get ideas from each other.


Amy Ewing (left) and Robin Ray-Rutherford (right) did a great job of planning the evening. Costumes were optional, and lots of folks came in costume.

Clear Water in Allen Canyon Creek


The photo above is of Allen Canyon Creek at the bottom of Allen Canyon.  The photo was taken Tuesday morning October 18th.  It was a pleasant surprise to see it running so clean and clear after the heavy rains we’ve had.

The new housing subdivisions near Pioneer and N 45th Ave are in the Allen Canyon Creek watershed.  The clean water is in part due to proper erosion control practices and properly functioning storm water facilities.  Doing things right makes for healthy watersheds and streams so that’s pleasing.  In a few weeks a few Coho may return to the site where Les Greear maintains an incubator.

Allen Canyon Creek is a very small stream that now dries up with the summer drought.   That is the most serious problem this creek has.   There are several dams with ponds upstream which provide water for stock and for homeowner’s enjoyment.

It’s possible that by working with the owners of these ponds flows can be restored. Even a small flow would make a difference.

Ridgefield School District Schedules Parent Night on New School Safety Protocol


The Ridgefield School District, in partnership with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, has scheduled a parent night on Tuesday, November 8, to provide an overview of their newly-revised school safety protocol in responding to active threat situations.

The 30-minute overview for parents will share information on the Evade & Defend protocol–guidelines derived from the Standard Response Protocol (SRP), an all-hazards, evidence-based approach to school safety.  Earlier this year, the school district partnered with the “I Love U Guys” Foundation to adopt SRP, which is based on recommendations from law enforcement agencies experienced in handling active shooter situations.  SRP also allows the district to prepare for a wide variety of emergencies.


The overview on November 8 will present parents with information about the Evade & Defend protocol training that teachers, staff and secondary students recently received in learning how to effectively respond to active threats in their buildings.

“Our number one priority is student and staff safety, said Dr. Nathan McCann, Ridgefield’s superintendent.  “Chris Griffith, our Assistant Superintendent, has done an excellent job leading this effort.  We have strategically engaged with our local first responders, amassed valuable information, and enhanced relationships that make it easier to keep our campuses safe.”

Griffith led a three-member team that participated in a national school safety symposium in Columbine, Colorado in July.  The team brought the information back to the district and led training for all administrators in August.  All teachers were trained in early September, and all Ridgefield students were trained immediately following the teaching training.


“The training in Columbine reinforced just how important school safety is,” said Griffith.  “I am excited to see that the Ridgefield School District has adopted universal language and procedures that can aid students and staff should emergencies present themselves.  Working closely with our local first responders has been a wonderful experience.  I am proud of the effort put forth by everyone involved.”

A question-and-answer session will follow the November 8 presentation, which starts at 7:00 pm in Ridgefield High School’s main gym.


City Council Meeting Summary 10-13-16:


Council Business Items:

  1. Study Session – Finance Director Kirk Johnson conducted presentation on 2017 budget – initiatives and capital projects.
  2. AWC Director and Washougal Mayor Sean Guard presented City with 2016 Small City Success Municipal Excellence Award for Ridgefield First Saturdays program.
  3. Public Hearing and First Reading of Ordinance No. 1219 – Ridgefield Mixed Use Overlay: The purpose of Ridgefield Mixed Use Overlay is to encourage development of mixed-use nodes outside the central city in the Pioneer & 45th and Ridgefield Junction subareas. Mixed-use sites are intended to combine commercial, residential and office uses on sites distinguished by high-quality architectural and site design that integrate common open areas, connections between uses and to adjacent sites, and a sensitive response to environmental features. (Public Hearing and First Reading conducted).
  4. Public Hearing and First Reading of Ordinance No. 1220 – Commercial Design Standards: The purpose of Commercial Design standards is to develop regulations that ensure commercial property is developed in a way that suits Ridgefield’s unique character and identity. (Public Hearing and First Reading conducted).
  5. Resolution No. 515 – Parks and Trail Standards: Standards are intended as a tool for developers to use in identifying locations and amenities for parks and trails, and as a guide for discussions between the City and developers to ensure that the projects will best meet the City’s long-term recreation needs. (Approved).

[Read more…]

Main Street Program this Thursday


Guest Speakers Dr. Nathan McCann on Ridgefield Schools Updates, and Kent Landerholm on the upcoming school bond will speak at the Main Street meeting this Thursday, 8:30-9:30am at the Sportsman’s. You can buy breakfast while you catch up on the news at the meeting.

Ford F150 for Sale


This immaculate 2014 Ford F150 with eco boost and all the bells and whistles is for sale. It’s Race Red and looks like new.


We bought it for a special purpose, and that need has changed, so we’re (sadly) selling the truck. It’s low mileage (24,000 miles) and we’re willint to let it go for $33,500. If that’s close to your price range, please call – we may come to a resolution.


Call today and let’s talk! 887-2160

Thought for the Week


Are you living your life to benefit yourself, your family, friends, neighbors, animals, and the environment in which you live? Every minute of every day, from the time we get up in the morning until bed time, we make choices. We choose to either walk toward the light or toward darkness.

Decide, today, to start making just a 10 percent change about your negative decisions and watch the change in your life start. Say hello to your co-worker with a smile, or to a passer-by with a friendly nod. Give 10 minutes to that project in the corner, or book you need to read, whatever it is you’ve been avoiding – you know what it is – and watch the change. We can make a change in ourselves and those around us in order to improve the way things are all over.

~ Kathy Eckels, in a letter to the editor in the Columbian

Garden Club Meets Thursday


The Ridgefield Garden Club meeting on October 20 will feature Teri Paterson of our hometown Ridgefield Floral and Gifts.  Her topic will be a surprise for the club members and guests, so, come and join us to listen and learn

The club meets at the Nazarene Church at 747 Pioneer Street.  Social time begins at 9:30 am, followed by the featured speaker at 10:00 am and the final session is the club business meeting at 11:00 am.  Anyone interested is welcome to attend.

The club purpose is to study, in all of its aspects, the fine art of gardening and horticulture.  This will enable us to assist others who are interested in improving their gardens and surroundings.

We look forward to welcoming new members.  Some volunteer community service by members is expected.

Any questions call Kathy Roth (887-3866) or Sue Carroll (887-5207), Co-Presidents


Ridgefield School District Rolls Out New Website and App


On Monday, October 17, Ridgefield School District unveils a new website and app designed to promote increased parental and stakeholder engagement and enhance communication.  District leadership announced the release of new mobile applications for iPhone and Android with school information such as events, athletic scores, cafeteria menus, emergency notifications, and other pertinent information. The effort is in partnership with Apptegy, an education technology company based in Little Rock, Arkansas.

RSD's new native app

RSD’s new native app

Ridgefield is taking this initiative to engage community members on the devices and social networks they use most. A ComScore study shows that Americans use mobile technologies at twice the rate of desktop computers, and a Pew study reports that 65 percent of adults use social media. With the newly-adopted tools, the district staff can share information across all of these communication channels.

The Ridgefield leadership sees sharing news and updates on mobile devices and social media as critical to educating in the 21st century. ““We chose Apptegy because of their ability to develop intuitive, easy-to-use native apps and their commitment to continually enhancing the user experience.  Their website design focuses on a vivid, image-rich homepage, free of clutter.  That is exactly the warm and welcoming environment we want to provide all our patrons and visitors,” explained Dr. Nathan McCann, Ridgefield’s superintendent.  “We anticipate the app will continue to grow our already strong relationship with the community by keeping all stakeholders better informed about the many great things taking place in the Ridgefield Schools.”


Dr. McCann

“This new platform will make it much easier for Ridgefield School District to get timely information out to the public in ways that are convenient for them,” added Geoff Varney, Director of Technology Services.  “The ability to post once and have it appear in multiple places is a powerful way to get our messages out to social media and mobile devices.  We recognize this is where many people consume information today.”

Geoff Varney, Ridgefield's Director of Technology Services

Geoff Varney, Ridgefield’s Director of Technology Services

Apptegy is a two-year-old education technology startup that builds simple communication tools for school districts across the country. “School districts have a unique opportunity to grow connections with their community by sharing all of the great things that happen on a daily basis,” said Jeston George, CEO of Apptegy. “Educators are extremely busy, so they need tools that make it easy and efficient to share across different types of devices and social networks.”

Apptegy CEO, Jeston George

Apptegy CEO, Jeston George

The free mobile apps are available for download in Google Play and Apple App Store.