Heritage Day – September 13

This year Heritage Day, Saturday, September 13, will celebrate the 100th year anniversary of Ridgefield’s Fort Vancouver Library and honor our community’s 90 year old individuals. All events take place at the Community Center, 102 North Main Avenue, unless otherwise noted. Here’s the schedule:


9am to 4pm – Displays at the Community Center

History of the Library and the Priscilla Club

Vintage items displayed by families, showcasing historic Ridgefield.

RHS Class pictures and year books

Recent photos of 100 year structures

Ridgefield Hardware celebrates 100 years with an open house from 9am to 6pm. Refreshments will be served.

A walking tour guide will be available, highlighting the 100 year structures

Clark County Genealogical Society – Stephen Cormick

Premier Quilts-Mrs. Noel Johnson


11AM Trunk showing premier quilts-Mrs. Noel Johnson

1:00  Honor and Recognition of 90+ year olds –  Port Commissioner- Joe Melroy

1:30  Welcome/Short History of Library –  Mayor Ron Onslow

2:00  Refreshments


Davis Park/Mill Street Activities/Library

9-4 Antique Farm Equipment

9-4 Lions Club will have food for sale

9-2 Farmers Market

10-3 Pedal Surrey – donations will be given to the Lions Youth Group

10:30 Music-Opus School of Music

10:30 Storytelling-Professional Storyteller Nancy McQuillan  in Library

11:00 Activities for children in Library

Highlight Presentations

3:30-4:30 Tour of Lancaster 1880 restored barn by David Morgan, at the end of 71st Ave North of Ridgefield

Thanks to our Supporters: City of Ridgefield, Community Center, Friends of the Library,  Garden Club, Lions Club, and Port of Ridgefield.

Ice Bucket Challenge – how to see the video

I noticed the video of Gary Adkins, Don Stose and Terry Hurd taking the Ice Bucket Challenge only appears if you click on the title. For some reason it doesn’t show in the body of the email.

Flags fly on Labor Day

Flag and planter

Thanks to the American Legion, downtown Ridgefield was bright and colorful  in honor of Labor Day, with American flags lining Main and Pioneer in the downtown area.

I also noticed how healthy the planter boxes looked – individual members of the Ridgefield Garden Club have each adopted one or two planters, and are responsible for keeping them watered. In this heat, it’s been a real chore, but the ladies of the club have done it. We owe them a round of applause.

They also water the hanging baskets, which has to been done more frequently, because they dry out so fast.

Thank you, Garden Club and American Legion members.

Thought for the Week

Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain – to feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices – today I choose to fee life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it.     -   Kevyn Aucoin

September Classes at Ridgefield Kayak

Ridgefield Kayak

Reservations are now being taken for September classes at Ridgefield Kayak. Reservations must be made for all classes – 360-727-4520

BASIC SKILLS CLASSES: Friday and Saturday 9:00am – 12:00pm.

TOURING SKILLS CLASSES: Sunday 2:00pm – 5:00pm.

GUIDED SUNSET PADDLE:  Wednesday Evening, September 3rd & 17th. 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

MOONLIGHT PADDLE: Friday, September 5th. Limited Reservations.

BACHELOR ISLAND GUIDED: Saturday, September 13th.

WET EXIT RESCUE CLASSES: Sunday, September 14th.

Visit www.ridgefieldkayak.com for daily rental information, classes or guided trips.

More Photos of Park ‘n Ride

Park n ride tunnrls

This is a photo of the underground detention chambers at the Park and Ride. Rain that falls on the park and ride lot will be treated by rain gardens located in the planter areas. Once water passes through the rain gardens it will flow to these chambers to be stored and slowly released.

Here is a link to a photo of a completed similar style rain garden.

The picture below is a wide angle view of the area.


Park n Ride wide angle

Ice Bucket Challenge in Ridgefield

Road Construction – September 1 -7

Traffic Impacts
Pioneer Street – South 45th Ave to South 56th Place

  • The eastbound lane will be closed on Tuesday, September 2 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to allow for pipe testing.
  • The eastbound lane will be closed between 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, September 4 and 3:00 p.m. on Friday, September 5 for repaving.
  • Flaggers will be present at all times that work is occurring.
  • Note, this work is subject to WSDOT and City of Junction approval.

North 50th Place

  • Construction will continue on North 50th Place to bring the road up to final grade elevation. Traffic will be allowed to pass as needed.
  • Flaggers will be present at all times that work is occurring.


Other Construction
Field work between South 45thAve and South 50th Place (Ridgefield)

  • Crew members will work on constructing the slope of the area to match the project designs. This will involve leveling out the ground, maintaining the detour road, and placing erosion control measures such as straw to prevent soil from being washed or blown away. This work is to prepare for topsoil and seed placement later this fall.

Field work between Pioneer Street and South 6th Way (Ridgefield)

  • Crews will work on excavating the trench and installing pipe.

I-5 northbound Rest Area (Gee Creek at milepost 11, 9.7 miles north of Vancouver)

  • Concrete for wet walls will be poured.

Park ‘n Ride

The new Park ‘n Ride at the Junction next to the County Kitchen is getting close to being finished. Here are three photos of the progress.

park n Ride 3



Park n Ride 2

Park n Ride 1Thanks to Bryan Kast for these photos

Camera Obscura

Sunlight through the walnut trees at Overlook Park

Sunlight through the walnut trees at Overlook Park

On a sunny day under trees, one expects to see shadows of the leaves, stems, and trunks.  The other day the patterns on Division Street were very different.  The patterns of sunshine in the shadows were round and there were a lot of them.  There was an article in fyi98642 on June 3rd  about Mark Cook’s class at RHS.  He had students make a pinhole camera (or camera obscura).  It’s the same principal here. Small openings in the leaves act as lenses and images of the sun are  projected on the street below.  These images are large because the street is far below the canopy.  An article in Wikipedia mentions that Aristotle watched a partial eclipse of the sun by watching an image generated by tree leaves.

Reflections from the sun going through the walnut trees

Reflections from the sun going through the walnut trees

Thanks to Paul Snoey, who sent the photos and information.

School Construction Update – 8/29/2014

With the start of the new school year less than a week away, teachers started moving into the new facilities and setting up their classrooms this week.

At Ridgefield High School, crews continue to finish up the exterior elements of construction including landscaping and paving. In addition, crews continued to work to prepare the existing commons area and continued construction on the multipurpose performance facility.

At both the shared Union Ridge Elementary School / View Ridge Middle School and South Ridge Elementary School sites, crews were performing finishing touches on the campuses while teachers prepared their classrooms.




For more information on Ridgefield School District’s ongoing construction projects, visit their construction blog by clicking here

You can also get more district news from their Facebook page or on Twitter.

2015 Art Contest at Holland America Bulb Farms

The post is not directly about Ridgefield, but I thought the artists among us might be interested.

Could this be a winner?

Could this be a winner?

Holland America Bulb Farms, Inc (HABF) has hosted the Woodland Tulip Festival for 12 years in Woodland, Washington. In 2015, they are introducing new private label products such as coffees and wines made by local craftsmen. These private labels will need art that represents the Tulip Festival. HABF is searching for artwork that will be used for the new private label products for the upcoming Tulip Festival in 2015. This label will be used for one year at a time. The theme for this packaging must include tulips.

All art mediums are welcome except photography or sculptures. Simple images that will be easily seen on a label can be pictures in watercolor, pen/ink, acrylics, pastels, etc. Please submit all images through email. Be aware that the winning image becomes the property of HABF to be used in all additional publications. Winners will be required to sign a release form. Please submit in 300 dpi or greater.

They are awarding $300 as a first prize. You will also be invited to participate in the opening of the wine shop and any related events in the future.

Deadline for entries is September 30, 2014. All contact information needs to be on the entry, which should be sent to Karin@habf.net. You need to be over 21 years old to enter. More information? 360-841-7232.

Imagine – a new library!

Imagine Poster

Umpqua Bank

Umpqua Bank

Sterling is now Umpqua Bank, and to celebrate they’re having a Grand Re-Opening party. Stop in and say hello, enjoy a hotdog, or satisfy your sweet tooth with some ice cream. It’s Friday, September 19at the bank, 228 Simons Street, and runs from 1 to 5pm. For more information, call 699-4276

Nine Inch Nails at Sleep Country Amphitheater

Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden are teaming up for a North American tour that hits Sleep Country Amphitheater on Friday, August 29, with special guest Death Grips. It is the 20th anniversary of both band’s breakthrough albums: Nine Inch Nails released The Downward Spiral and Soundgarden released Superunknown on March 8, 1994. Tickets range from $37.70 to $116.85. For more information, visit www.sleepcountryamphitheater.com.