Vanessa Smith is the Host Family Coordinator for the Ridgefield Raptors.  She is looking for local community members who might be willing to host the players for the 2019 season. Here are a few quick pieces of info that may be helpful:

– players arrive between June 1-3 (opening day is June 4th)

– players depart mid August (depending on how far into the playoffs they go)

– players come recommended by their college coaches

– host families will need to provide occasional meals and snacks, laundry facilities, bedroom, shared bathroom is ok

– host families will not be responsible to transport the player to the field (unless able or have an extra vehicle they don’t mind the player using)

– there are approx 33 homes games and 28 on the road 

– players are gone from 3-10pm on home game days and will be fed at the park 

Benefits of hosting:

– host families will receive a pair of season tickets 

– host families will receive exclusive invites to special events, discounts on merchandise

– great opportunity to support our local team and meet new families

Please contact Vanessa for additional details.  She can be reached via email at or on her cell phone at 503-928-9628.

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