The Priscilla campaign is so popular that we are running out of jars for her pig food. If you have small plastic jars, please bring them to the library. The sizes shown in the picture are great – I think bigger jars are too intimidating.

We’ll label the jars so people can fill them with their spare change. When the jar is full, or before November 15, bring your jar to the library and we’ll put the money in a large carboy.

On November 15 the collection will stop for this year and the carboy will be capped. After that, you’ll have a chance to guess how much money is in the jar. Chances cost $5, and you can buy as many as you want until December 5, when the contest closes. Winner will be announced on December 7, and that person will take home half the money raised through the guessing contest. Vote early and vote often.

It’s easy to donate to the library building fund. Make your check out to the Friends of the Ridgefield Library and mail it to PO Box 534, Ridgefield, WA 98642, or take it to the library. Contributions may be tax deductible.

If you want to be a Cornerstone member by donating $1000, the money can be paid in regular increments, but you do need to sign a form in order for the Treasurer to track payments. There are other levels of giving also. Each major donor will received recognition on a display at the new library. You can designate your donation be used only for the building fund if you like.

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