A few weeks ago I announced I was looking for nine other people to donate $1000 to the library building fund so we would be eligible for matching funds from the anonymous donor who pledged to match all donations of $10,000 or more. I thought it would be fairly easy, but so far only three people have said they would participate. I will run the offer for another two weeks, and if no one else steps up, I’m afraid my idea is not going to work.

If you’ve been thinking of donating $1000 and becoming a Cornerstone member of the Friends of the Library, please let me know as this is such a great way to make your money go farther. Even better, a $2500 donation brings a Stepping Stone designation, and then we’d only need a 2-4 more people.

My offer still stands – if we can raise $10,000 I’ll cook dinner for everyone. My number is 360-887-2160. As they say in all the high pressure advertisements, CALL TODAY!

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