A Record High Daily Covid Count – USA

The above graph is from Worldometer’ s dashboard for Covid 19. For the first time, it shows cases for the US as being above 70 thousand/day.   The number is higher than John Hopkin’s dashboard and Wikipedia’s  .  However. the sources all show that Friday, July 10th  was the highest single day ever.  Many states, especially in the south,  are at crisis levels now.  

The US failed to get this disease under control when it had the chance back in March and April when other countries did.  We are going to pay a heavy price for that with many epidemiologists saying it is going to get worse.

As individuals, our responsibility is to protect ourselves and others as best we can.  Wearing a mask,  practicing  safe distancing,  and other recommended means need to be followed.  It may be a while before things get better.

By Paul Snoey

About Paul Snoey

I have a degree in Biology and Environmental Science from WSU Vancouver
I am very fond of Gee Creek and Allen Canyon Creek and do a lot of volunteer work to restore these creeks.


  1. Thanks for posting this, Paul. For explanation, the reason the figures you posted are higher than those on Johns Hopkins’ dashboard is that the COVIC-19 Dashboard uses the number of “confirmed” cases only. What that means is that the case has been confirmed by an actual test. Many deaths have occurred that are suspected as being COVID-19 deaths, but technically they are not confirmed. I know this because the figures used by Johns Hopkins for the U.S. are from the Covid Tracking Project, which is sponsored by The Atlantic and others. Their data is compiled by several hundred volunteers from the state data of “confirmed” cases from each state and territory and updated late afternoon ET. If you’re interested, here is the link: https://covidtracking.com/ Our son, Alexis Madrigal, founded and runs this project. As many of you know, he grew up in Ridgefield and is a Spudder-for-Life. Anyway, the additional cases are “assumed/suspected/likely” to be COVID-19 cases and deaths, but to keep the Covid Tracking Project data “clean,” they are not included in the daily or cumulative totals. The project is evolving as the pandemic does, so there may be a future column that captures these “others.” In the meantime, please stay safe and wear a mask!

  2. As an addendum to my comment, here is the latest information on the way the Covid Tracking Project collects their data as to whether it is “probable” or “confirmed.” https://covidtracking.com/blog/confirmed-and-probable-covid-19-deaths-counted-two-ways

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