A Taste of Mexican Folk Music at El Rancho Viejo

One of the most recognizable staples of downtown Ridgefield is El Rancho Viejo Mexican Restuarant, and this year for Birdfest, Roberto and his Family will be joining the fun of the Picker Festival by hosting some beautiful traditional Mexican Folk songs at their storefront.

You’ll be surprised on how many of the themes in this genre of music taste and feel like a good old-timey Bluegrass tunes. Plus a BONUS! Roberto and his family will give one FREE SOFT DRINK to any and all Festival goers that stop by for a tasty bite.

No te pierdas la oportunidad de escuchar unas cuantas canciones de esas que llegan al corazón en El Rancho Viejo, y tomate una bebida gratis cortesía de Roberto y su familia después de probar un plato delicioso durante el festival. Get the schedule and learn what else is going on, here: https://ridgefieldfriends.org/birdfest-bluegrass/

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