Allen Canyon Creek

The photo above was taken of Allen Canyon Creek yesterday morning at the site where we maintain an incubator and where there were a few pools that had trapped this year’s Coho.  It is wonderfully clean and clear.  This creek flows into the Lewis River and fish are now free to migrate each way.  The heavy rains, predicted last week,  did not happen and the site above the stream with the deposit of  fill dirt did not flow offsite.   There was enough rain to restore flow.  Things worked out very well.

The contractor has agreed to improve erosion control.  If done right, it should protect the creek.  Salmon may again return to spawn later and we should  get eggs for the incubator.  Allen Canyon Creek and Gee Creek have shown they are capable of  having runs of salmon, but these streams need some help.

Bob Wallis of Wallis Engineering was helpful in discussing the importance of erosion control with the developer and contractor.  Thank you,  Bob.


By Paul Snoey


About Paul Snoey

I have a degree in Biology and Environmental Science from WSU Vancouver
I am very fond of Gee Creek and Allen Canyon Creek and do a lot of volunteer work to restore these creeks.

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