Another Response to May 3 Posting on School Impact Fees

The following is a response from Lucy Krantz to the May 3 posting on School Impact Fees:

“When faced with a letter from the City officials and school district officials this week requesting the County require the developers in the Urban Holding area pay the same school impact fee for the Ridgefield School District in unincorporated Clark County as in the City of Ridgefield, Councilor Julie Olson basically said that she does not favor that equality.

At best, she does not commit to supporting developers paying the same impact fee as the City citizens and, at worst she indicates that she is not inclined to support these developers paying an equal share. Tragically, her response to the request for equality minimizes the impact on the Ridgefield School District that would be caused by the addition of the 746 dwelling units in the current proposal (of note, she does not mention the total number of units in the area that would be developed within the RSD).

Although it may be minimal to Councilor Olson, if the County does not require these developers to pay their equal share, the RSD will lose $1.8 million dollars.  The failure to pay that $1.8 million by developers just means that the other citizens of the school district will have to make up that difference in yet another levy or bond.”

(If you remember, the last bond measure did not meet the 60% minimum votes needed to pass. Also, although everyone seems to think developers pay the impact fees, it is really the home buyers who have the fees added to the cost of their new homes.)

“Such a giveaway to these developers on the backs of the citizens of the RSD is simply wrong.”

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