Ridgefield School District Offers Free Lunch and Breakfast Meals For All Children

All children, ages 0-18, may pick up free and nutritious sack lunch and breakfast meals in front of the following schools in the Ridgefield School District from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm on week days, March 16-27 and April 6-24.

  • Union Ridge Elementary School, Building B, 330 N. Fifth Street
  • South Ridge Elementary School, Building B, 502 NW 199 Street

Meals will not be served during spring break, and children must be present.


School Closure Guidelines As a Result of COVID-19 Outbreak

Superintendent Nathan McCann issued the following letter to Ridgefield families this afternoon providing important school closure guidelines and other district strategies to mitigate the effects of the current COVID-19 outbreak:

Free and Reduced Meals Available for Students Who Qualify

Many families struggle financially at times.  Free and reduced lunches and breakfasts keep children and our schools healthy.  Ridgefield School District has established procedures to ensure that all students have access to healthy and nutritious food regardless of income levels.

Your child may qualify.  To learn more about income criteria and to apply, visit:




District Update as of March 12th Regarding COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak

Read Superintendent Nathan McCann’s latest update in a letter today to all Ridgefield families that provides important district information with regard to the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak.

PE Showcase Gets Ridgefield Families Moving

Keeping active is an important component in staying healthy.  Each year, the Ridgefield School District physical education department does its part to keep the community active with an evening of fun activities, games, and sports.

Families gathered together to kick off the evening with a sample of the night’s activities.  Team Rock Paper Scissors got everyone involved in a fast-paced rock paper scissors relay across the gym, and Funky Friday Line Dancing taught them a four-walled line dance. Then families could pick and choose from a wide range of activities across the gyms and Commons at Sunset Ridge Intermediate School and View Ridge Middle School.

PE teachers Ed Bate, Jesse Buck, Jerry DeShazer, Mary Murray, Ami Remmers, and Catherine Rinker led a wide variety of games and sports.  Speedball was a fast-moving game with hockey goals and ultimate frisbee rules.  Spikeball had teams playing foursquare style ball—but bouncing it on a mini trampoline.  Beanbag Pass let even the youngest kids participate, tossing beanbags from one team member to the next.

Spikeball combines foursquare with a mini-trampoline for even more fun.


Teams get ready to grab a spot in the Beanbag Pass.


The gym was filled with families playing Badminton and Pickleball.


Students were able to teach their families how to do some of the activities they did in PE class.  PE Games and Fitness Testing showcased the Challenge Run, Fitness Challenges, and Capture the Flag.  Badminton and Pickleball courts were set up for racket sports.  And Yoga classes for all ages were led by Kristi Herron and Mandi Debord from MK Elevate, a downtown yoga studio.

The end of the evening was filled with dozens of giveaways from local sponsors.  Gift cards and prizes from Rosauers, ME, Lava Java, Kids Club Fun and Fitness, Ridgefield Barber Company, Tri-Mountain Golf Course, Pine Crest Golf Course, Battle Ground Cinema, The Source, MK Elevate, Steelscape, and the Birds and the Beans Café.  Funding was also provided by Ridgefield Community Education, The Ridge Sunset Ridge-View Ridge Association, and the Union Ridge Parent Teacher Organization.  The grand prize of the evening was a pair of Portland Timbers tickets, donated by Dr. Jared Remmers, DPM.

With games and sports for all ages and abilities, families had lots of new options for activities to try together.  The PE Showcase inspired students and families to have fun by getting moving.  After the event, a child jumped happily down the steps outside the school.  “That was fun!” he yelled.  “More jumps!  More fun!”  Hopefully many families will take that message home with them, finding many more fun ways to be active.

Important Update from Ridgefield School District Regarding COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak

In the following letter to all Ridgefield families this afternoon, Superintendent McCann provides an update on recent developments surrounding the recent Coronavirus outbreak:

Cancellation of Inter-Tribal Native Drum Circle Performance

For public health reasons due to the recent COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, the Inter-Tribal Native Drum Circle performance scheduled for Thursday, March 12th at 6:00 pm at Union Ridge Elementary School has been CANCELLED.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Kindergarten Registration for 2020-21

Starting Monday, April 6, 2020, registration packets for incoming kindergarten students will be available at South Ridge Elementary and Union Ridge Elementary schools.  Packets will also be available at the District Office in the Ridgefield Administrative & Civic Center (RACC) at 510 Pioneer Street.

Kindergarten students must be five years old by September 1, 2020 to enroll for the coming school year.  Completed registration packets can be dropped off at the student’s resident school or to the District Office.

Parents are encouraged to attend a Kindergarten Parent Information Night to learn more about kindergarten registration:

South Ridge:  Thursday, May 7th at 5:30 pm, Building B Commons

Union Ridge:  Thursday, May 7th at 5:30 pm, Building B Commons


Ridgefield School District Honors March Employee and Students of the Month

On March 10, Ridgefield School District officials recognized the March Employee and Students of the Month at the regular Board of Directors meeting.

 Employee of the Month

Jennifer (Jenn) Ross is a Speech Language Pathologist at Union Ridge Elementary School.  By collaborating with school staff and parents and continually researching best practices in her field, Jenn constantly seeks to improve her practice with students.  Having worked in other districts before coming to Ridgefield, she brings a breadth of knowledge and experience in all areas of special education. Jenn communicates clearly and effectively.  She takes on a leadership role in guiding our special education team using an integrated approach in order to meet the needs of the whole child.  In weekly “Sped Business” meetings, for example, she shares research-based resources and ideas that increase our capacity to better serve students.  Jenn’s office is often a revolving door of staff who seek her out for advice on how best to accommodate and intervene for struggling students not receiving special education services.  When she is not serving students, she spends her time researching best practices in areas such as data collection and dyslexia intervention in an effort to reach more students.  She is an excellent resource.  It is not a rare thing to see Jenn in her office beyond 5:00 pm.  She works tirelessly to serve all students, not just those on her caseload.  For this reason, we are proud to select Jennifer Ross for the well-deserved honor of March Employee of the Month.

Jennifer Ross

Students of the Month

Liam Bartholomew was selected as March’s Student of the Month for the Early Learning Center.  The staff writes:  Liam is a respectful, responsible and resilient learner.  Liam is a friend to all.  He consistently shows kindness and offers to help other students as well as teachers.  He has a positive attitude and always uses creativity and effort in activities.  He has a BIG heart.  He is caring and works hard.  What a great example of our hashbrown pride!  Liam loves walking in and pretending to be a dinosaur.  His favorite thing is drawing pictures for his friends or for his family.  Lately, he has been interested in writing notes as well, writing each letter and word all by himself.  He is always ready to learn and have a lot of fun.  “What I admire most about Liam is his ability to work through challenges,” said Erika Muir, ELC Coordinator.  “Some days don’t always end up the way we prefer, but I notice that Liam adapts and improves the plan when it needs to be.  He never forgets to consider the feelings of others, even in disagreements.  He remembers how to take care of himself and those around him.  I am very proud of Liam.”

Liam Bartholomew

Jaxton Pierce, a third grader, is March’s Student of the Month at South Ridge Elementary School.  Jaxton is independent, self-directed, kind, thoughtful and is always willing to help or to give his peers valuable feedback.  He is creative and imaginative, and he absolutely loves to tell stories.  Jaxton is an exceptionally hard-working student.  He always comes to school ready to learn and is consistently a role model for respectful and focused behavior.  He works hard both in and outside of class, and he is always setting new goals for himself.  Jaxton is a good friend and working partner for his peers.  Everybody loves Jaxton—he’s a great kid!  He is an absolute joy to work with.

Jaxton Pierce

Easton Matters, a fourth grader, was selected at Union Ridge Elementary.  Easton is a wonderful, giving and kind-hearted human being.  He is helpful to all people, big and small.  At the beginning of the year, Easton was worried about a medically and physically fragile classmate.  He heard that students who were all together the previous year had been put into different classes.  He talked to his family about wanting to be moved to the student’s class so he could help support her, even if it meant he would not be in class with his friends.  The kind of compassion and wisdom is rare for someone so young.  Easton loves to help in general.  He is often the first one to volunteer to do a job or task.  He often takes the initiative to help with something that the teacher may not even see is needed.  In addition, he is a diligent student who is interested in expanding his learning in all areas.  He especially loves anything “techy” and helps students, and sometimes, his teacher, with problems in that arena.  Easton works hard in all areas of his life and is the kind of person we should all strive to be.

Easton Matters

Cohen Draper, a fifth grader, was selected at Sunset Ridge Intermediate School.  Cohen has such a big heart!  He is incredibly kind to all around him.  His empathy and compassion for others is a joy for all to see.  He is observant and sensitive to others’ needs.  Cohen can often be found reaching out to his peers, offering support and encouragement.  He is a friend to all and will lend a helping hand to anyone in need, whether it be students or staff.  Cohen consistently models our school’s 3 R’s, always being respectful to peers, adults and our environment.  He always does his very best with school assignments and works hard to stay on task and be attentive.  Cohen is a leader in the classroom, modeling resilience and has a positive outlook towards learning.  He performs tasks with a smile and shares his joy for learning with his classmates.  He is a quiet learner and can be counted on to follow through with rules and instruction.  Cohen can be trusted to make the responsible choice, even when no one is watching.  He is absolutely deserving of the Student of the Month award.  We are so proud of how Cohen embodies what it means to be a Sunset Ridge Coyote!

Cohen Draper

Trenton Stevens, an eighth grader, was chosen at View Ridge Middle School.  Trenton is always involved in the classroom, whether it be participating in a mock trial or the enlightenment hearing, being an excellent math student or writing a qualifying paper for NHD regionals this year.  He is a positive role model for his peers and gives effort in whatever academic endeavor he encounters.  He is always learning.  Trenton is such a wonderful young man and excellent human being.  He will be missed next year when he enters high school, but we are incredibly proud of the student they will be gaining.  Congratulations to Trenton on being the View Ridge Student of the Month.

Trenton Stevens

Sometimes finding our passion in life involves a lot of time and a myriad of experiences, opportunities, successes and failures.  And sometimes it almost seems like our passion finds us.  Caroline Ceravolo is a person whose passion is evident by her pursuits both in and out of school.  Now a junior at Ridgefield High School, Caroline began her journey in public education for the first time when she enrolled as a freshman.  She has been nominated for Student of the Month a total of six times.  Caroline takes AP courses and maintains a 3.9 GPA.  She is the founding member and president of RHS’ newest club, iTuna, which focuses on environmental issues and is a member of Unite Ridgefield.  She is also a member of HOSA and participated in its state competition earlier this month.  Caroline has worked on political campaigns, speaks to politicians about environmental issues and has traveled to Washington D.C. to attend a political leadership conference.  Taking AP Psych in her sophomore year sparked her interest in the medical field.  After high school, she plans to go to medical school to become a researcher.   Not all things come easily for Caroline, but she finds strength through her family, her friends and her passion for the environment to overcome life’s challenges.  As one nominating teacher put it, “Caroline faces personal challenges but she never gives up, working tirelessly to improve herself, her peers and RHS.  She makes the world a better place.”  It is for all these reasons that Caroline Ceravolo represents Ridgefield High School as the March Student of the Month.

Caroline Ceravolo

Special thanks to the local office of James Schmeling at Allstate Insurance Company, the Ridgefield Public Schools Foundation and Ridgefield Boosters for sponsoring the district’s recognition program this school year.

ROARS! Recognizing Outstanding Achievements of Ridgefield Students

Ridgefield students excel across a wide range of activities.  We are proud to recognize these students for their outstanding achievements:


Early Learning Center

February Student of the Month:  Charlotte Halligan


South Ridge Elementary School

February Student of the Month:  Natalie Green


Union Ridge Elementary School

February Student of the Month:  Nolan Proctor


Sunset Ridge Intermediate School

February Student of the Month:  Marin Fitzgerald

Lower Columbia River Music Educators Association (LCRMEA) Youth Honor Choir Members:  Elsie Swenson, McKenzee Hynning, Ethan Dulay, Liam Schafer, Madelyn Ventura


View Ridge Middle School

February Student of the Month:  Olivia Matters

Clark College Jazz Festival, Outstanding Middle School Musician:  Michael Grove, Angelia Grove, Anakin Pinon, Cameron Hagen

All-State Choir:  Kennadi Jones

Lower Columbia River Music Educators Association (LCRMEA) Youth Honor Choir Members:  Callie Jensen, Megan Hopper, Sophie Thomas

Lower Columbia River Music Educators Association (LCRMEA) Youth Honor Band Members:  Amy Ardizzone, Angelia Grove, Michael Grove, Emily Bloom, Allison Orantes, Andrew Chapin

North County Honor Band Members:  Angelia Grove, Aubrey Sigman, Emily Bloom, Amy Ardizzone, Isabella Williams

Knowledge Bowl Meet Winners:

Team A:  Adam Ford, Emiliana Newell, Stuart Swingruber, Isaac Marshall, Logan Bishop

Team B:  Andrew Chapin, Kaylee Kirkelie, Trenton Stevens, Gabrielle Hemmelman, Zuzu Hunziker, Karizma Mystique

Team C:  Asher Anderson, James Haddix, Preston Walker, Nathan Walker, Aidan Moses

All three Knowledge Bowl teams from View Ridge Middle School won in their meet against Coweeman Middle School and Henkle Middle School.

Ridgefield High School

February Student of the Month:  Tegan Petersen

Athlete of the Month:  Jakob Braunstein, Uruwa Abe

WIAA State Bowling Tournament, State Sportsmanship Winner/12th Place Statewide:  Ada Johnson

Skills USA Competition, Quiz Bowl, 2nd Place in Region:  Wyatt Boer, Estelle Blystone, Eli Holter, Carter Long

Clark College Jazz Festival, Outstanding High School Musician/AA Division:  Enzo Lee, Sydney Dean


Congratulations to all of these Ridgefield students!  Submit other student honors, awards, and achievements for this ongoing feature to communications@ridgefieldsd.org

Inter-Tribal Native Drum Circle to Perform for Ridgefield Youth Arts Month

Ridgefield Youth Arts Month is proud to present an evening of Native American music, cultural sharing and captivating storytelling for all ages as the Traveling Day Society, a nonprofit inter-tribal and multicultural drum circle in Clark County, performs A Journey Around the Medicine Wheel on Thursday, March 12 at 6:00 pm at Union Ridge Elementary.

By utilizing song, drum, Native American flute, rattles, traditional instruments and storytelling, members of the drum circle offer audiences an authentic cultural experience.  The members, who come from different tribal communities, also sing in several Native languages.   Using the ancient practice of oral tradition, the Traveling Day Society brings the fascinating myths and stories of First Nations peoples to life.

Audience participation is invited and encouraged!  Come take part in an engaging, educational and interactive cultural experience for the whole family.  Admission is free.



Ridgefield Community Education Programs Teach Volleyball Skills

Ridgefield Community Education is offering two programs for 5th and 6th graders looking to learn volleyball skills in a fun, positive, learning environmentPre-registration is now open at ridge.revtrak.net



Tuesday, April 7 and Thursday, April 9

6:00-8:00 pm

View Ridge Gym


Participants will learn beginning volleyball fundamentals such as passing, setting and serving skills with a focus on moving towards the ball, decision-making, communication and understanding basic game play.  Scrimmages will mimic game-like situations and reinforce drills performed during camp.



Dates:  Mondays & Wednesdays | April 15-May 20

Time:  6-8 pm (see flyer below for format of scheduled practices and games)

Where:  Ridgefield, La Center & Hockinson schools

Fee:  $50 (with shirt included)

A great introduction to volleyball in a fun environment!  Participants will learn the basic skills of passing, setting, hitting and serving as well as simple offense and defense strategies to help prepare for game play.  Activities are led by RHS volleyball players and adult volunteers.

Ridgefield Community Education Offers Summer Adventure Camp


Ridgefield Students Silly String Teachers for Fundraiser

All the students at two Ridgefield schools came together for a common cause:  to Silly String some teachers.  Students at Sunset Ridge Intermediate School and View Ridge Middle School participated in Penny Wars, a fundraiser that pits grade against grade, school against school.  Top donors got to select a teacher to cover using two entire cans of Silly String.  And to say the students were excited is putting it mildly.

The entire View Ridge gym was packed wall to wall with students.  Fifth and sixth graders sat on the gym floor; seventh and eighth graders filled the bleachers.  They couldn’t wait to hear the results of their fundraiser—and find out which teachers were going to get Silly Stringed.

The Ridge, a parent organization for both schools, created Penny Wars as a fun way to raise money for the schools.  Each grade tries to raise the most money in pennies—but other grades can sabotage them by adding silver coins to their total, which takes away an equal number of pennies.  In total, students raised $673.61 to provide resources for students, families, and staff at both schools.

This year, the seventh-grade class from View Ridge won—which meant the principal of View Ridge, Tony Smith, got to Silly String Todd Graves, the principal of Sunset Ridge.  The students cheered.  With a loud countdown—3, 2, 1!—Smith let the Silly String fly, covering Graves from head to toe.  The whole gym erupted in laughter and applause.

View Ridge principal Tony Smith covers Sunset Ridge Intermediate School principal Todd Graves in Silly String to celebrate View Ridge’s success at Penny Wars.

Next came the students who donated $25 or more for the privilege of covering a teacher in Silly String.  View Ridge teachers David Jacobson and Jerry DeShazer, Sunset Ridge teachers Rachelle Radzi and James Stevens, and School Resource Officer Paige McBee all took turns getting covered in Silly String, much to the delight of the audience.  They were all good sports, smiling as they picked the Silly String off their clothes and hair.

Teacher James Stevens gets covered in Silly String.


Two separate students selected School Resource Officer Paige McBee for a turn with the Silly String.

Finally, there was a preview for the first annual Color Run, another Ridge fundraiser.  Associated Student Body (ASB) and Leadership class students staged a pretend run to show how the real Color Run would work.  Students ran around the perimeter of the gym, then came back to the center of the gym, where other students showered them in brightly colored powder and even more Silly String.  One student even dressed as a T.Rex and jogged through the colored clouds.

The students had a great time celebrating another year of success with Penny Wars.  And the hundreds of dollars they raised will be helping Sunset Ridge and View Ridge students for months to come.

Color Run Registration:  The two-mile Color Run will be held on Saturday, March 7 from 9 a.m. to 11:30 at Davis Park in downtown Ridgefield.  It will help kick off Ridgefield’s Youth Arts Month.  To register for the fun run/walk, go to ssl.charityweb.net/theridgeassoc/event/colorrun2020.htm

Associated Student Body (ASB) and Leadership class students staged a mock Color Run to promote The Ridge’s next fundraiser on March 7th.

Important Message Regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Ridgefield School District is diligently monitoring recent news regarding the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.  We are working closely with local and state authorities to ensure that appropriate preventative processes are followed.  In this regard, we have coordinated with our custodial team and with Denise Morgan, our district nurse who sent out the following letter to parents on Friday, February 28, provided here in English and Spanish.


The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) provides extensive information on its website.  You can visit DOH’s coronavirus webpage at https://www.doh.wa.gov/Emergencies/Coronavirus to learn more and visit the K-12 specific resources and recommendations at https://www.doh.wa.gov/Emergencies/Coronavirus/Schools.