Candidates’ Forum

Scott Hughes and David Kelly – running for Port Commissioner

It was standing room only at the Fire Station last night when candidates for Port Commissioner and City Council answered questions presented by Kenneth Stewart from a list generated by members of the community. It made my day to see how many people are concerned about our town and want to choose the best person for each job.

Candidates for City Council, l t r: Rob Aichele, Sandra Day, Matt Swindell, Rob Rowan, Dana Ziemer, Darren Wertz

The pairings are Aichele and Wertz, Day and Rowan, Swindell and Ziemer.

If you were unable to attend, the candidates will be at the Dollars Corner Fire Station, 21609 NE 72nd Avenue, Battle Ground, on Wednesday, October 16 from 5:30 – 7:30 pm in a program put on by Clark County League of Women Voters.

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