Carolyn Long Town Hall

60-70 people attended Carolyn Long’s Town Hall last night at the Ridgefield Community Center. She spoke on a number of subjects in response to questions from a very involved audience.

In case you were unable to attend, her campaign Kick-off will be Friday March 30 from 6-8 pm at the Clark County Square Dance Center, 10713 NE 117th Court.


  1. Jon Cole says:

    This is how representatives are supposed to interact with their constituents. Give Carolyn Long a chance to earn your vote. If she becomes our Congresswoman, Carolyn will still make herself available like this, unlike our current representative.

  2. Patrick Carlson says:

    I would certainly agree with Jon. I was very impressed with Carolyn’s articulation and energy on all the topics discussed. She’s the Democrat’s best shot at flipping District 3. The dems must flip Congress in order to check the madness at the executive level. Register everyone you can. Vote Dem. Vote Carolyn.

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