City Council Meeting Summary 01-28-2016:

1) Fire District Commissioner Larry Barlel presented an update for Clark County Fire and Rescue. Fire Chief Recruitment is currently underway.

Council Business Items:

1) Approval of professional services contract with HDJ Design Group for design and permitting of the 35th Avenue roundabout project. With the assistance from HDJ Design Group the City was successful in securing $2.154 million in grant funds for the project. Project design and permitting is anticipated to be complete by summer of 2016 with construction of the project beginning in the fall. (Approved).

2) Approval of 2016 Parks Board work plan. Some of the items on the 2016 work plan are parks and trail development, strategic planning for new parks/trails, recreation complex development, trail/trailhead-access coordination, volunteer and community based action, funding, community and interagency networking and relationship building, and water access. (Approved).

3) Mayor Onslow proclaimed the month of February 2016 as “Community Service Month”.

Staff Reports:

Events: February 6th is First Saturday “Tail Gate Party;” please join us for tailgate activities and community chili challenge at Overlook Park beginning at 10AM. Ridgefield Community Service Day is Saturday, February 20th interested volunteers please join us at the Community Center at 9AM.

Community Development: 19 new home permits issued for January, 11 new homes permit are approved/ready for issuance and 6 new home permits are under review. ICD High Performance Coatings Phase 2 permit issued. Groundbreaking at the site should begin on Monday (February 1st).

Pioneer Street (SR501) road closure update: Single lane of traffic is currently open until further repairs are made. Geotechnical engineers from the Washington State Department of Transportation will assess the long-term stability of the slope and determine next steps.

For more information, see the City Council webpage (Detailed minutes will be posted following approval by the City Council at its next regularly scheduled meeting on February 11, 2016.)

Notes from the City Council Meeting

City Council

Following is Mayor Ron Onslow’s synopsis of Ridgefield’s City Council meeting held on January 24, 2016 – the first meeting of the New Year.

Selection of Mayor and Mayor Pro-Tem: First item on the agenda was selection of Mayor and Mayor-pro-tem. Your Mayor and Vice Mayor are voted on by the Council and the term is for two years. Ron Onslow was voted Mayor, and Lee Wells as Mayor-pro-tem. This will be their fifth term as such. Both men have been in office the past eight years. We both sincerely thank the Council and Community for their faith in us.

Planning Commission Presentation: A presentation was given by chair Jerry Bush of the Planning Commission on their accomplishments for the year of 2015. Highlights included a golf cart zone, floating structure building codes, comprehensive plan updates and studies on revised impact fees for parks & traffic.

Ridgefield School District Presentation: A presentation was given by Dr. Nathan McCann on the levy being presented to the Ridgefield School District voters in February. This levy, if passed, will provide funding to help support educational and student support programs. This funding bridges the gap between what the state pays & the actual costs of operating our schools.

Note: Ridgefield has the lowest levy tax rate in Clark County.

Council Business Items:

1) First reading on a development agreement with ODC Ridgefield Heights LLC. This development would be located South of Cedar Ridge development, adjacent to areas located in the Donut Hole. This agreement is on the city’s website. A large number of citizens testified on this proposed development and had a number of questions that Ridgefield staff and the principals of the development are to answer in the coming week. These will also be put on the city’s website. No decision was made and there will be another public comment period in the future.

2) A hearing was held on the proposed Water Capital Facilities Plan update. (No decision)

3) A hearing was held on the proposed Transportation Facilities Plan update. (No decision)

4) A reading, public hearing and motion passed on Ordinance 1202 amendment to Title 13 “Public Utilities”. This was the result of studying efficiencies in the city’s billing brought forth by city staff. They were recognized by Council for their progressive and cost-saving thinking.

Notes: -final tally of new home permits issued for 2015 is 248.

– 40 acres was annexed in 2015 , south of Royal Rd.

– alley improvements are virtually complete

– CenturyLink construction complete

– ICD coatings phase 2 is in review

– S. 11th project has been approved

– In 2015, there were 594 total permits of all kinds issued, 216 more than 2014.

– Studies of three areas in Ridgefield:(Junction, 45th& Pioneer and Downtown/Waterfront) are in final  stages or complete.

For more information, see the City Council webpage here. (Detailed minutes will be posted following approval by the Council at its next regularly scheduled meeting on January 28, 2016.)

Council is sworn in

Julie Basarab issued the oath of office

Julie Basarab issued the oath of office to our returning council people at the City Council meeting last week. They are, left to right, Darren Wertz, David Taylor, Lee Wells and Sandra Day.

Synopsis of City Council meeting 12/17/15

A) Mark Brown our Washington State lobbyist gave a Legislative update.
B) The 4 newly elected (in this case newly reelected) Councilpersons took the oath of office. They were: Sandra Day, David Taylor, Darren Wertz, Lee Wells
C) Waste Connections gave their annual report, and we thanked them for their continued support for our “clean up day” and “4th of July” participation.
D) Marie Bouvier reported on the Parks Board accomplishments for 2015. Note: I will give a summary of that report in an article to follow.
E) Discussion on the interlocal agreement for joint representation on the C-Tran Board of Directors. A motion to agree was passed.
1) Public Hearing  and discussion on the proposed sub-area plan for 45th & Pioneer. (Note: this was the first hearing)
2) Public Hearing and discussion on the proposed sub-area plan for I-5 Junction. (Note: this was the first hearing)
3) Hearing on notice of Petition to Annex 40.5 acres of Adkins property. Motion made and passed to accept.
4) Discussion & motion to accept new Floating Homes Structure Code for our Marina. This was passed with changes to address time elements. (This also followed a 2nd public hearing)
5) Certain equipment as surplus was authorized for its sale.
6) Appointments to Several Commissions were approved, I will recognize those appointments in a following article.
7) Recognition given to those who have served on those commissions.
Sincerely submitted,
Mayor Ron Onslow, Mayor, City of Ridgefield

Synopsis of the Council meeting December 3, 2015

1) Approved final plat for Canterbury Trails. (N. of Pioneer, on 45th)

2) Presentation of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting Award. Presented by Ade’ Ariwoola, MBA, director of Finances for Federal Way. He explained how difficult this award is to obtain. So prestigious that he drove down Thursday just to present this to Kirk Johnson our financial director, Steve Stuart our city manager and Julieta in our finance dept.

Kirk Johnson receives award on behalf of the City of Ridgefield Finance Department

Kirk Johnson receives award on behalf of the City of Ridgefield Finance Department

3) Public Hearing on Floating Structure Code for Marina. (1st hearing) There was significant discussion.

4) 2nd Hearing on the 2016 budget

5) 2nd reading and approval of Ordinance 1197, our 2016 budget.
Note: the 2015 budget year was about positioning the city for 2016. The 2016 budget will feature projects & people. The $25 million-plus budget will feature initiatives, grants and funds for business expansion.  We have received grants for the repaving of Main Ave, improvements  on north Main, bridge over Gee Creek, pathway access to the Refuge, and over 2 million $ to build a new roundabout at 35th & Pioneer.

6) A presentation  on the city’s investment portfolio, that has a value of close to $8 million.

Misc:  a) several Council members, the mayor & city manager were at a presentation on Clark College at Boshma Farms by C. C. Environmental class Students. (It was an excellent presentation!)

b) It’s noted that the Port of Ridgefield and  dept of Fish & Wildlife are going to build the DFW headquarters here…a 31000 sq ft bldg.

c) The city has issued 194 permits to date for new homes.

d) The alley improvements (storm/water/paving) between Main & 3rd are complete. For more detail visit the city’s website.

Synopsis of City Council meeting on November 19

A study session was held prior to the meeting re: sub area plans for 45th & Pioneer, sub area plans for the Junction, a multi-modal plan, and a transportation plan.
1) A Public Hearing was held on a proposed Community Development Block Grant project re: Downtown Accessibility Improvements and a motion to have the city manager to apply for this grant was passed.
2) a first public hearing was held re: the 2016 budget. Ordinance #1197 on this budget was read.

Finance Director Kirk Johnson gave a 2016 Budget Presentation
1) ordinance # 1198 – first reading on a budget amendment that addressed Transportation Update($28,350), sale of CP-5  (park property on 45th) of $750,000, sale of surplused weapons ($4500), $3000 for supplies re: evidence, and General Fund transfer allocating street funds ($25,000), storm filter maintenance (30,000), and alley repairs ($29,500).
2) Ordinance 1195 – 2nd reading on 2016 property tax levy of 1% statutory minimum, motion passed.
3)  Ordinance 1196 – 2nd reading on storm water utility rate code amendment, ($0.50 cents a month), motion passed.
4) Resolution #500 – parks donation and memorial policy – this  clarifies donation policies, passed.
5) Resolutions 501, 502, 503, 504 authorizing hunting & discharge of shotguns in 4 different areas, passed.
A discussion was held on the inter-local agreement for joint representation on the C-Tran board of directors. Mayor Jeff Carothers and legal representation from Yacolt were present and gave their opinions on this issue.

Interesting notes:
Housing permits issued: 181, with 17 more on the books
Commercial building: ICD Coatings, phase 2 (12,240 sq feet) and South 11th Project (112,569 sq feet) are in review
Updates on residential development:
Laurel Heights (Pioneer & 40th Ave) 50 lots, under construction
Taverner Ridge phase 7, (south of Taverner Ridge) 29 lots, under construction
Hawks Landing (Hillhurst rd across from High School) 57 lots, under construction
Canterbury Trails (N. 45th Ave and N. 10th St) 69 lots, under construction
Alley improvements between Pioneer and 3rd Ave continue.

Thank you for being interested in our wonderful city.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families.

Ron Onslow, Mayor, City of Ridgefield

Notes from the city council meeting on November 5, 2015.

Note from Kathy – this is late because I have been in Guatemala for the last ten days!

In November & December, the Council meetings are held on the 1st & 3rd Thursdays (instead of the 2nd & 4th because of Thanksgiving and Christmas).
A group of young men from troop 25 earning their community merit badge were in attendance.
Business & items:
1) Public hearing and discussion on a zone change  for Urban Downs LLC, 7 acres near 259th from commercial to residential.
2) Public hearing & discussion on the Comprehensive Plan Parks Capital Facilities Plan. This is a review of our needs, inventory, projects and fees.
3) Public hearing and 1st reading on 2016 property tax levy & revenues. (Ordinance 1195)
4) First reading on Ordinance 1196 re: storm water utility rate code.
5) Resolution #498 & 499 authorizing hunting on Kennedy & Walker properties. (These are specific farming areas that are degraded by geese and the hunting is regulated)
6) Discussion on Community Block Grant proposals: this year’s request will be for funding to make downtown sidewalks ADA acceptable.
After an executive session the Council motioned and passed acceptance of the highest bid for CP-5 park properties (on 45th avenue) that the Council had surplussed this year because of the expense of its development.
Some interesting facts:
Home permits issued to date this year:178
Commercial/industrial permits in review: two – worth over 5 million dollars
Alley improvements downtown between Main, 3rd and 4th avenues under construction.
Next 2 weeks:
Veterans Day Wednesday the 11th. (City closed) American Legion ceremony
Recreation Complex discussion November 12 at RHS 5-7:30
Council meeting 11/19/15 Community Center
Stay tuned! Exciting things are coming up!
Sincerely, From your mayor, Ron Onslow

Ron Onslow
City of Ridgefield

Notes from the City Council Meeting

A 2016 budget study session was held prior to the meeting. This includes the revenue & expenses for a close to 5 million dollar budget. This is ongoing and will continue to be studied until the end of the year.

Business included  our 3rd quarter 2015 Financial Report given by Kirk Johnson the city’s Financial Director. Most of the discussion centered around our Reserve Funds. Note: the Reserve funds are new from last year as the council prepares for the future.

Under “reports” Councillors John Main &  David Taylor were singled out for their work with the STEM program at our middle school.

Nathan McCann  reported on the new program cooperating with the church of the Nazarene on the Compassion Program.

Steve Stuart reported that the city has received an international award/certification for our budget reporting and transparency of such. We are only one of 40 cities in the state of Washington to receive this and the smallest city in the state ever to receive this certification. Result? We will receive better certification and  lower bond rates.

Under Community Developments, we have 161 new housing permits so far this year with 17 awaiting plan check.
It’s time to vote! Be engaged, read the material and please vote!
Ron Onslow, Mayor, City of Ridgefield

Notes from October 8 Council Meeting

Work session was held to discuss 9 different suggested locations for the new library. Some were eliminated for various reasons: size/availability etc.

Council meeting:

Discussion and first public hearing  on Ridgefield Urban Area Comprehensive Plan/2016. This is to serve the 6 year Capital Facilities Plan to provide adequate public facilities, reduce cost to serve development of those facilities and ensure we have what we need.

Business: Resolution # 497 was approved to annex McCarthy’s 6+ acre parcel.

Approval  in recognizing the Main St program as a City Partner benefit, authorizing the city manager to provide $1200 as authorized in the budget.

A proclamation was read proclaiming October “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”. After the proclamation Councilor Don Stose was re recognized for his work with the “Pink Lemonade” project helping breast cancer victims.

121 permits for new homes have been issued, 28 are pending.

Early grading plans are approved for UNFI (United Natural Foods)

Kudos were given for Bird Fest

Budget meetings continue with Councillors David Taylor & Sandra Day representing the Council this week.

Ridgefield’s Finest

l to r: David Taylor, Mayor Ron Onslow, Darren Wertz, John Main, Lee Wells, Don Stose

U Haul was honored at Heritage Day because the company started in Ridgefield. They brought lots of memorabilia with them and among the items were tee shirts. Council members modeled the tee shirts at the Council meeting on Thursday.

And here they are again, from the back!

cc back


Pretty good looking group of men, don’t you think?




Notes from City Council Meeting 9-10-15


Refuge Visitors Center Update – Russ Roseberry asked for everyone’s support to help build an office and visitors center at the Carty Unit. There is very little federal money available for the project. The Friends are relying heavily on our donations and support for their fund raisers.


Resolution No. 481 – Designation of an Off-Leash Area in Abrams Park. Since the April 9th meeting, Council has designated a different site as an off-leash area. Failed 7-0

Resolution No. 495 – Approval of Complete Streets Policy. An overview was given Complete Streets. Complete streets are safe, comfortable, and convenient for travel for everyone, regardless of age or ability- motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and public transportation riders. HB 1071 created a program that provides grants to communities that meet the appropriate criteria. The policy will allow the City to meet the requirements needed to be eligible for the grant funds. Passed 7-0.

Motion-Approval of Extension for Labor Agreement between the City of Ridgefield and Chauffeurs, Teamsters and Helpers, Local 58. This motion extends the labor agreement to December 2017. This will allow a study of job positions in the Public Works Department and the second classification and compensation for the remaining job positions.

Additions to the current bargaining agreement:

  • Teamsters members will receive a 3% wage increase effective January 1, 2017.
  • A clause enabling the parties to re-open negotiations if contract changes are necessary to comply with the Affordable Care Act and or the health insurance plans projected to hit the Cadillac tax thresholds.

Mayor Ron Onslow read

  1. Proclamation: Legendary Teacher Day
  2. Proclamation: Constitution Week beginning September 17 and ending September 23, 2015

City Development Report

Single Family permits:11 issued in August, ready for pickup 8, in review 7. Year to date total is 121.

Voter Candidate Forum

League of Women Voters

Clark County League of Women Voters Candidate Forums for the General Election will be held in several places in Clark County.

The one in Ridgefield will be October 7, 2015 at the Ridgefield Community Center, 201 N. Main Avenue, from 6 to 8 pm. Includes Clark County Council District #2, City of La Center Mayor, City of Ridgefield Council Position No. 2, Cemetery District No. 6, may include Woodland races. Come and listen to the candidates and make your decision about who should be leading our city and county.

For more information, please contact: Judy Hudson,, 253-7712

Dirty Politicking

Taylor sign

It’s come to my attention that candidate signs for the City Council position have been pulled down and thrown in streets, over fences, etc. Four signs were actually removed and can’t be found.

This is really dirty politicking, and not worthy of anyone in Ridgefield, or even anywhere in the world.

I can’t imagine anyone being so desperate to win an election that they’d mutilate their opponent’s advertising. Even if the person running for office was not involved, someone did it. This is definitely not the sort of campaign we normally run in Ridgefield and I do not want to see it continue.

Put the signs back up. Be a good citizen. Win the election fair and square without dirty politicking.

Notes from City Council Meeting 8-13-15

A motion was made to excuse Ron Onslow


Commission on Aging Update – Bill Ritchie gave a brief summary of the Commission. Clark County is first to have a Commission on Aging in Washington For anyone wanting to get involved please check out their website:

Clark County Arts Commission Update – Barbara Wright spoke of all the was happening throughout the County.

Quarterly Report – Kirk Johnson gave the 2nd quarter beginning and ending balance of the different funds.


Public Hearing/Business – Hearing on Ridgefield Municipal Code 18.070 Amendment to Transportation Impact Fee and 18-072-200 Refund. These amendments will establish procedures for the issuance, use, and transfer of impact fee credits within the City, establish an expiration period for the application for and use of the credits, and to update the time period for use of impact fee funds to be consistent with revised state law which is 10 years.

Ordinance 1193 – Ridgefield Municipal Code 18.070 Amendment to Transportation Impact Fee and 18-072-200 Refund. Would establish procedures for the issuance, use, and transfer of impact fee credits within the City, establish an expiration period. This is the first reading and no action is needed from the Council.




Ordinance 1191 – pertaining to an Amendment to the 2015 Budget. The budget amendment totals $704,237 in one-time appropriations. Funding for the proposed increase comes from the increased revenue projections in Park Impact Fees, Real Estate Excise Tax, a rebate from Clark Utilities for upgrading the street lights to LED and use of fund balance. Passed 6-0.


Ordinance 1192 – Amendment to Speed Limits. This will reduce the speed limit on 85th Ave (10th Ave) to 35 mph for the length of roadway within the City limits. Passed 6-0.


Resolution 490 – Adkins Notice of Intent to Annex – The property involved in the annexation process is the Adkins property 1990 S Royle Rd , the Ehline property 1984 S Royle Rd, and is recommended to include a small portion of the Royle property 2067 S Royle Rd. Most of the Royle property was annexed in 2008, however the boundaries were incorrect, this will correct the boundary error. Passed 6-0.


Resolution 491 – Designation of an Off-Leash Area – The area that is designated for the off-leash dog park is a two-acre area within the northeast  portion of NP-6 Park (Hillhurst & S Refuge Rd) as a temporary off-leash dog park. The park will be monitored by the City staff during the initial 2 years and issues caused by use as off-leash dog park be addressed prior to development as a permanent off-leash dog park. Costs for the off-leash area improvements including parking and pathway along Hillhurst are approximately $41,000. $16,000 will be provided by volunteer labor and donated materials , and $25,000 will come from existing parks operating budget. Annual maintenance costs is estimated to be $3,600 for mowing and $1,200 for maintenance materials. Passed 6-0.


Motion – Approval of Ridgefield Police Officers Association 2015-2017 Collective Brgaining Agreement. Several operational and economic issues were discussed and solutions were mutually agreed. The economic agreement:

  • January 1, 2015: 4% for all RPOA member with a 15% differential between police officer and sergeant positions
  • January 1, 2016: 4% for all RPOA members
  • January 1, 2017: 5.5% for all RPOA members

with passing this Resolution the pay increase will be retroactive to 1-1-15. Passed 6-0.


Motion – Approval of Bear Sculpture Installation at Overlook Park – The Parks Board recommends siting the sculpture on the sloped boundary between the overlook circle and the Annex area. Passed 6-0.


Mayor pro tem Lee Wells appointed the following persons for the 2016 Budget Advisory Committee: the citizen to serve is Phuong Tran and Council members are Sandra Day and Dave Taylor


City Development Report

Single Family permits: 7 issued in August, ready for pickup 0, in review 10. Year to date total is 105

Notes from City Council Meeting 7-23-15

A motion was made to excuse John Main.


Ordinance 1191 – pertaining to an Amendment to the 2015 Budget

The budget amendment totals $704,237 in one-time appropriations. Funding for the proposed increase comes from the increased revenue projections in Park Impact Fees, Real Estate Excise Tax, a rebate from Clark Utilities for upgrading the street lights to LED and use of fund balance. This is the first reading and no action is needed

Ordinance 1192 – Amendment to Speed Limits

This will reduce the speed limit on 85th Ave (10th Ave) to 35 mph for the length of roadway within the City limits. This is the first reading and no action is needed

Ordinance 1186 – Development Agreement for Bella Noche Planned Unit Development

Bella Noche is surrounded by Green Gables on the west, north and east by Pioneer St and Smythe Rd to the south. It would allow construction of 30 single family units. Passed 6-0

Ordinance 1187 – Development Agreement for Schuck Corporation

The Schuck Corp is requesting approval of impact fee credits associated with the construction of the capital facilities set forth in the Capital Facilities Plan in the amount of $2,142,036.53. If the City contracted to do the work, it probably would have cost around 6 million dollars. In essence, by Schuck doing the work it saved Ridgefield a few million dollars. The Schuck Corporation will have 15 years from approval to use the credits. Passed 6-0

Ordinance 1188 – Ridgefield Municipal Code 12.12 Amendment to Revise Street Tree Regulations

The revision would better regulate street trees and it would include a list of approved tree species. The amendment just includes street trees. The revisions also clarify that street tree maintenance is the responsibility of the abutting property owners. Passed 6-0

Ordinance 1189 – Ridgefield Municipal Code Amendment to Animal Regulations

This will amend Ridgefield Municipal Code Chapter 7.04 to update penalty provisions. This is a Statewide increase approved by the State Supreme Court that would increase the maximum penalty for most infractions by $12, the first increase since 2007. This ordinance will remove any monetary amount listed within the code and replace it with the appropriate infraction language so that future increases will not require a code change. Passed 6-0

Ordinance 1190 – Ridgefield Municipal Code Amendment to Administration Fee List

With the passage of Resolution 483 that established a Master Fee Schedule for the City, the Ridgefield Municipal Code contains provisions that are inconsistent with Resolution 483. This ordinance would correct the inconsistences. Passed 6-0

Motion Approval of Funds Requested by City Partner-Friends of the Ridgefield Community Library.

The City Manager is authorized to provide certain benefits to these partners. Benefits include a financial contribution or in-kind services not to exceed $1200.00 The Friends will purchase 2 banners: 1 for over the lobby door leading into the Ridgefield Community Center and one that hangs over Pioneer Street as that space is available.   Passed 6-0

City Development Report – Single Family permits – 15 issued in July, ready for pickup: 10, in review: 10. Year to date total is 100.