Bob’s Automotive

Bob's Automotive

Bob’s Automotive

Bob’ Automotive has new energy efficient windows – another store ‘sprucing up’ in downtown Ridgefield.

Ridgefield Rocks!


Last week someone notified me that mysterious rocks were appearing in various planters downtown. I took some photos, but had no idea why they were there or who put them there. Now the mystery is solved. This morning’s Columbian had an article about them. Apparently it all started in Gray’s Harbor earlier this year, and someone decided to bring the idea to Ridgefield.

After seeing the rocks in Gray’s Harbor, Angelique Vines Reagan started a Facebook page, Vancouver Rocks!, with the mission statement: ”Spreading joy through rocks. This is a community-building group meant to inspire creativity in all ages and energize people to explore the beautiful area in which we live.”

How many rocks can you find?

Thank you!

In the interest of giving credit where credit is due, I’d like to thank the people at the Post Office for (finally) cleaning up their front yard. Here’s the photo I posted early in June, hoping they would take action before the 4th of July parade. What a mess, eh? Not very representative of Ridgefield.

PO weeds before

Today when I walked by the weeds were gone and a heavy layer of mulch was laid down. With the rain/sun combinations we’ve been having lately the garden patch should thrive this summer, and hopefully remain weed-free all year. This is the first year I remember having mulch put down – the soil always looked so bare.

PO Weeds after

Now if some one (or several) would step up to buying a flowering hanging basket for $130 we could bring even more beauty to our city. The cost includes the basket, the hanger to suspend it and watering all summer. Call me if you’d like to step up to the program. The first two people who call will get a $5 discount – and you can choose which pole in the downtown area you’d like to have it displayed.

Buy a Basket!

hanging basket

Are you enjoying the flower baskets hanging throughout town? Would you like to see more?

You can have one put up! Cost is $130, and that includes putting up the metal support, hanging the basket and watering and fertilizing it throughout the summer.

The best thing is, you can choose the location of the basket, as long as it’s in the downtown area. There are only a few left, so if you want to add another spot of color to our downtown, give me a call and I’ll arrange it. or 887-2160.

You could even get together with some friends and share the cost.

No Fireworks this 4th

No fireworks

What?!? No fireworks this year? There will be no fireworks show at 10 pm on the 4th of July sponsored by the Fourth of July committee. For several years they had a fireworks technician that did a wonderful job. He was not available last year and the spectators were clearly disappointed in the show. The committee realized it was subpar to what they had in the past. Considering their budget, they could not afford to put on the same show that Ridgefield was used to seeing.

If funds become available next year, the committee will resume a fireworks show. The dance in the park will still go from 5:30pm until 9:30pm.

If anyone is ever interested in helping with the 4th of July celebration they are always looking for volunteers. It takes 100 volunteers and a committee of 23 to put on the parade and festival. Let’s hope for good weather this year and a great festival. For a schedule, you can go to

Parking Lot

parking lot with gravel

Workers were installing the split rail fence around the parking lot next to the police station this morning. The entrance will be from the side street, just to the left of the truck’s open door. There will be diagonal parking along the perimeter and a row down the middle of the lot, for a total of 30 spaces. The opening at the right bottom will provide pedestrian access to Main Avenue. Looks like there will be shrubbery along the fence and I was told there will be concrete markers to define the parking spaces.

The City has a use agreement in place with the owners of the three parcels. It is a temporary agreement that will remain in place for two years. Paved ADA parking for two vehicles will be provided in the existing Police Department lot.

State of the City Address on Saturday

City of Ridgefield logo

Mayor Ron will present his State of the City Address Saturday, June 18, 2016, 11:00am, at Overlook Park, Corner of Pioneer Street and Main.

Farmer’s Market opens at 9:00am and Mayor Onslow’s presentation begins at noon.

Before and following the presentation Upfront Band will provide live entertainment with Jazz – Latin – Classic Rock – R&B – Oldies – Pop music.  Enjoy listening and dancing to the music of Chris Bidleman (keyboards, vocals) and Steve Burpee (saxophones, vocals), the founders of the band. Chris and Steve are joined by Robert Schultz on drums and are often fused together with good friends Ed Couture on bass (upright and electric) and Larry Pindar on guitar (plus vocals, flute and sax).

The event is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served.

Hanging Baskets Downtown

hanging basket

Have you noticed the hanging baskets downtown?

They were a joint project of the Ridgefield Garden Club, the Main Street Program, the City of Ridgefield and Gary Adkins, a local community-oriented donor.

Not to brag, but I feel very good about the fact that I was the one who initiated the project. We’ve talked for several years about bringing back the hanging baskets that the Garden Club used to maintain. (One summer Phyllis Vidin and her husband dragged a stepladder throughout town in order to water the baskets – and it was not pleasant.)

After enjoying the baskets outside the building south of the Post Office last summer, I finally stopped to ask who maintained them, contacted Tim Blake of Landscaping NW and found he lives in Ridgefield.

I passed on this information to Steve Coxen of the Main Street Program, and he ran with it, found donors, and VOILA! we once again have hanging baskets decorating our downtown.

Aren’t they beautiful? Maybe next year we can have even more….

Parking lot in downtown!

Work began this week on a parking lot on the three lots north of the police station, that will hopefully be done in time for the 4th of July celebration. The trees are down, the lot will be leveled and paved with gravel. Eventually there will be a split rail fence along the perimeter.

Parking lot


Does Anyone Care?


weeds at PO

I noticed the sad state of the plantings in front of the Post Office today. The weeds are starting to go to seed, which means years more of fighting them – does anyone care enough to spend a couple of hours pulling them? It would sure make a difference in the look of our downtown, and might be enough exercise that you wouldn’t have to go to the gym this week. Perhaps you could think of the work as yoga.

PS Be sure to get the roots!

Farmers’ Market

Farmers' Market

The Farmers’ Market is starting to build up steam. It’s every Saturday from 9am to 2pm at Overlook Park, corner of Main and Pioneer, now through October. Come on down and support your local farmers and artisans. It’s fun!

Soil Testing on Main Avenue

Soil testing

Samples of the subsoil on Main Avenue just north of town were being taken today.  This is the location where the new bridge will cross over Gee Creek to control flooding. Building of the bridge and the new walking trail to the Refuge is still a long way off.

Results of the present work will be used in designing the structure and trail.

February’s First Saturday

chili contest

Get your ‘tails’ ready for Ridgefield’s 1st Saturday on February 6

If you have a tailgate, a desire to put on a tail for flag football, throw a bag of corn, or enter the Chili Challenge, February’s 1st Saturday is where you want to be on February 6. The city, along with co-sponsors Sage Organics and A Merry Heart Events, are planning a fun-filled day, along with many gastro options. Dust off your best chili recipe, pick up an entry form and entry guidelines at City Hall, Season’s Coffee Shop, Sage Organics, or A Merry Heart Events. Contest is limited to twelve entrants, so don’t delay. Save the date: February 6, 2016

Pioneer Street Cafe Re-Opens with New Owners

Jason and Hollie Shipman have purchased the Pioneer Street Café and the restaurant is presently open from 9am to 4pm for breakfast and lunch. They serve typical Americano foods, and with fresh baked breads. I talked with them last week and they are excited to be in Ridgefield, and have brightened up the restaurant. They plan to open for dinner sometime in January.

The Shipmans are originally from Florida, and moved to Vancouver when Jason took a chef’s job at a restaurant in Portland. When they heard the Pioneer Street Café was to be sold, they jumped at the chance. Please welcome the new owners of the Pioneer Street Café to Ridgefield.

Holiday Wellness Trunk Show

Trunk show