Charming Apartment for Lease

Fresh, clean, apartment in downtown Ridgefield for rent for one person and no pets. Clean, fresh, 600 square feet, high cabled ceiling and loft. Air conditioned and heated. Furnished or unfurnished. Like new, available now. $1000 per month, including TV, internet, all utilities. Need a security deposit of $500 plus last month’s rent. One year lease. Call Carol Pinnell, 503-313-9975.

Celebrate the 4th!

Here’s the schedule for the day:

7 – 10 am: Pancake Breakfast – Community Center

8 am: Fun Runs – Pioneer & Main

10:15: Pet and Kids Pre-Parade – Pioneer & Main

11 am: Fourth of July Parade

10 am – 6 pm:  Downtown Festival – Overlook Park

2:15 pm: Pie-Eating Contest – Overlook Park

5:30 – 9:30 pm Dancing in the Park – Overlook Park

10:15 pm: Firework Display – View from Railroad Avenue


Clean Up Day in Ridgefield

Today is the summer clean-up. I have decided that rather than help on any of the suggested projects in the city my time would best be spent cleaning up my own property. If you want to help cut a pathway through the vegetation at 114 4th Avenue North show up anytime after 9 am with secateurs in hand. I’ll be weeding, trimming, and pruning and could use all the help I can get.

This picture was taken in April, and as you can see things have gotten out of hand since then. With the recent rains everything is growing rapidly and the tree branches are making it difficult to walk on the sidewalk, I am a fair weather friend, however. If it’s pouring rain I’ll cancel.

Clean Up Day

Tomorrow (Saturday) is our annual Clean Up Day in Ridgefield. Meet at the library at 9 am to volunteer for a number of jobs, geared toward all levels of strength.

The focus this year will be on four different areas: painting the police department building’s trim work, beautifying the  pop-up park at Mill and Main, cleaning up the alley behind the hardware store, and cleaning and organizing the library shelves and preparing craft material.

Come prepared to work and have fun at the same time.

The Trailers are Gone!

The two trailers on the lots north of the Post Office have been removed. City Manager Steve Stuart told me the City will clear the debris and make the property look good before the 4th of July parade. What a wonderful difference this will make in our downtown area. Thanks to the City for buying this property and removing these two eyesores.

The section of Main where it intersects Pioneer is now open and a light coating of asphalt has been spread over it. Paving of Main Street will begin soon.

Work on Roads

Workers are hurrying to finish the ground work before paving Main Avenue this summer. The deadline of course, is the 4th of July so the road will be in good shape for the parade. Let’s hope we don’t get any rain before then. These photos are looking north and south on Main Avenue.

Main Street Program

Join the Main Street Program Thursday, May 18th for their monthly Community Meeting at the Sportsman’s, 121 N. Main – 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. Mayor Ron Onslow will present on “Alleys – The Possibilities”. Learn about what can be done to transform and beautify these forgotten roadways.
Ron attended a Statewide Convention of the Main Street  program and his speech will highlight what he learned.
Complimentary coffee will be served, and breakfast is available.

Musing on a Sunny Day

Yesterday I sat on the bench in Overlook Park, looking out at all the activities going on. It was a sunny day, the air was brisk, clouds scudded across the sky. I thought back about all the time and work that the building of this park had taken, and the thought came to my mind, ‘Allene was right. This park is truly a heritage for the people of Ridgefield.’

One of the first things I did when I moved to Ridgefield in 2003 was to volunteer on the Overlook Park Committee. At that time it was still a dream in the hearts of a small group of people. They’d been meeting for about a year to come up with a plan for the park. We held meeting after meeting, hashing out what the park should look like. Consultants were used to draw up plans and public meetings were held to find what citizens felt about them. A group of students in Dave Tanner’s class met with us and came up with more ideas.

This was the last public viewpoint over the Refuge in downtown Ridgefield, and we wanted to do it right.

Now all that work was done and we could enjoy the park. The Farmers’ Market was busy. The Art Association was there, presenting their 25th annual show and sale. There was music from Opus School of Music. The Maypole was still up from that morning’s Maypole Dance, celebrating the first of May.

Kids were playing on the bear and balancing on the beach rocks. Others were running along the stone benches at the overlook. Imagine! A place where kids could run and tumble and not be chastised.

A big thanks goes to all the community members who had a part in building Overlook Park. I’m not going to name you, because for sure I’d leave someone out, but you know who you are.

We done good.

Pre-Order Plants

For the first time in the history of the Ridgefield Garden Club it is possible to pre-order a limited variety of plants and pick them up the day before the plant sale starts. Orders must be placed before this Thursday, April 27. Call Jeanne Androvich, 360-887-2579 or email her at and she can send you a picture of what’s available and an order form. This is a good deal as you’ll be able to pre-order these beautiful urns and pick them up on Friday before the main sale. Other items, such as vegetables, flats of flowers, shrubs, etc. will not be available that day.

The sale opens to the public at 9am on Saturday, May 6, at the school maintenance building at Third and Pioneer. Popular items in past years have been the plants grown by members because we know they thrive in our climate, but there is also a wide variety of hanging baskets, annuals, perennials, shrubs and even some trees.

Come and support the Garden Club. Proceeds from this year’s sale will go to buy and maintain the beautiful hanging baskets downtown.

Ron Does it Again!

It’s not his responsibility, no one asked him to do it, but Mayor Ron Onslow spent part of his Sunday weeding, trimming and rototilling some of the unassigned plots in the Ridgefield Community Garden. He really loves this city. Thank you Mr Mayor.

Main Street Program Reminder

The Main Street Program will host their first Community Roundtable Thursday, February 16, from 8:30 to 9:30am at the Sportsman’s and the public is invited to attend.

Join us to hear about what the Main Street Program has accomplished and how we’re moving forward.

Come with your ideas and help brainstorm about what YOU want Ridgefield Main Street to accomplish to make our downtown core vibrant.

Complimentary coffee will be provided by the Sportsman’s.

Main Street


Ridgefield Main Street invites all downtown businesses to a complimentary buffet breakfast and social time on Thursday, December 15, from 8:30 to 9:30am at the Historic Sportsman’s Restaurant and Saloon.

We have some exciting news to share about our Main Street Program for 2017, and as a downtown business, you won’t want to miss out!

The Holiday Decorating Contest winners will be announced, and we are asking everyone to bring a paper product (toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, sanitary products, etc.), which will be donated to the Ridgefield Family Resource Center.

Bob’s Automotive

Bob's Automotive

Bob’s Automotive

Bob’ Automotive has new energy efficient windows – another store ‘sprucing up’ in downtown Ridgefield.

Ridgefield Rocks!


Last week someone notified me that mysterious rocks were appearing in various planters downtown. I took some photos, but had no idea why they were there or who put them there. Now the mystery is solved. This morning’s Columbian had an article about them. Apparently it all started in Gray’s Harbor earlier this year, and someone decided to bring the idea to Ridgefield.

After seeing the rocks in Gray’s Harbor, Angelique Vines Reagan started a Facebook page, Vancouver Rocks!, with the mission statement: ”Spreading joy through rocks. This is a community-building group meant to inspire creativity in all ages and energize people to explore the beautiful area in which we live.”

How many rocks can you find?

Thank you!

In the interest of giving credit where credit is due, I’d like to thank the people at the Post Office for (finally) cleaning up their front yard. Here’s the photo I posted early in June, hoping they would take action before the 4th of July parade. What a mess, eh? Not very representative of Ridgefield.

PO weeds before

Today when I walked by the weeds were gone and a heavy layer of mulch was laid down. With the rain/sun combinations we’ve been having lately the garden patch should thrive this summer, and hopefully remain weed-free all year. This is the first year I remember having mulch put down – the soil always looked so bare.

PO Weeds after

Now if some one (or several) would step up to buying a flowering hanging basket for $130 we could bring even more beauty to our city. The cost includes the basket, the hanger to suspend it and watering all summer. Call me if you’d like to step up to the program. The first two people who call will get a $5 discount – and you can choose which pole in the downtown area you’d like to have it displayed.