CCFRC Confusion

I was confused when I saw the many side-by-side outdoor ads for Larry Bartel and David Town, who are both running for Clark County Fire & Rescue Commissioner. It appeared to me that they were running for the same position. What the signs don’t say is that Mr. Bartel is running for Position #5 and his race is uncontested, therefore his name does not appear on the ballot. Mr. Town is running for Position #1, and has two opponents, therefore his name is on the ballot.Hope this helps!

By the way – send in your ballot asap. Wouldn’t it be great if Ridgefield had the largest percentage of voters in the state? We can do it!

Meet Lee Knotterus

Lee Knottnerus

Last week I spoke with Lee Knottnerus, our new City Clerk and Administrative Service Director, who took Kay Kammer’s place, and I thought you’d like to know a little about her.

Lee graduated from law school and spent many years in private practice doing mostly employee law. She worked for the City of Vancouver in Human Relations, mostly working with the Police Department.

Lee and her husband, who she met in law school, moved to Ridgefield 16 years ago from Tigard. They have a daughter who’s a freshman at the University of Washington, and a son who’s a sophomore at Ridgefield High School. Lee loves the outdoors and is sports-minded – they have a boat, and she both water skis and snow skis.

We’re happy to have such a capable person for our City Clerk. Welcome Lee!

Registering to Vote

Thanks to Mark Eaton of Ridgefield Junction Auto License for sending the following information:

In case customers ask about registering to vote for the general election, the deadline for mail and online voter registrations is Monday, October 8, 2012. However, since the post office will close for Columbus Day, the last day to mail registration applications is this Saturday, October 6.

Any new registrations and updates after October 8 will not take effect until after the election. Citizens who are not already registered to vote in Washington may register in person at their county elections office through Monday, October 29, 2012.

Summary of Dates:

10/06/2012 – Last day to mail in voter registrations (or updates) for the November general election.  Mail in forms can be picked up at Ridgefield Junction Auto License

10/08/2012 – Last day to register online.

10/29/2012 – Last day for voters not currently registered in Washington to register in person.

Some License Fees to Increase

Mark Eaton of Ridgefield Junction Auto License sent me this:

Several fees related to driver and vehicle licensing charged by the Department of Licensing will increase on October 1. These fee increases, passed by the 2012 State Legislature, are required to continue to fund the operation and maintenance of the roads, streets, bridges, ferries, transit systems, and other services that make up our vital transportation system.

Fees related to driver licensing increasing October 1:

Fee prior to Oct. 1       Fee on/after Oct. 1

Driver license fee (original and renewal)   $25 ($5/yr)              45 ($9/yr)

ID card fee (original and renewal)                $20 ($4/yr)             $45 ($9/yr)

CDL fee (original and renewal)                       $61 ($12.20/yr)     $85 ($17/yr)

Driver instruction permit (original and renewal)     $20                 $25

Driver license application/examination                $20                        $35

Duplicate driver license or ID card                          $15                         $20

Abstract of driver’s record                                          $10                         $13

DUI hearing (for administrative suspension)     $200                      $375

Fees related to vehicle licensing increasing Oct. 1:

Fee prior to Oct. 1       Fee on/after Oct. 1

Certificate of Ownership application (title)          $5                       $15

Original issue license plate (except motorcycle)  $0                       $10

Original issue motorcycle license plate                   $0                        $4

Motorcycle replacement plate                                    $2                        $4

Late title transfer penalty                                  $25 to $100         $50 to $125

Save time and renew online

Watch Local Election Results

You can watch live, local election night television on CVTV, local government cable channel 23 starting at 8:30 pm Tuesday, August 7.

Viewers can turn to Channel 23 for up-to-the-minute Clark County election results, analysis and commentary. Live CVTV election coverage is also available online at

Kim Kapp, CVTV special correspondent, and Barbara Kerr, Clark College executive director of communications and marketing, will conduct candidate interviews from Clark College’s Gaiser Hall.

Clark/Vancouver Television is the local government, non-commercial cable access channel operated and funded by the city of Vancouver and Clark County.

Update on City Manager Position

There were 47 applications for the job of City Manager of Ridgefield. The next step is going through the applications to eliminate the names of people who did not fit the requirements listed, and then interviews will start.

One of these days we’ll have a new City Manager!

Cortes Withdraws

I’ve learned that Adrian Cortes has withdrawn from the race for State Representative, 18th district, position #1. I’ve verified this with Mr. Cortes, so even though his name still appears in both the voters’ pamphlet and on the ballot, he is not a candidate.

However Brandon Vick is not running unopposed because Peter Silliman is running as a write in candidate.

Did You Get Your Ballot?

If you have not received your mail ballot, you should contact the Elections Office at 360-397-2345 and request a replacement ballot. Replacement ballots can be requested in person, by e-mail to, by mail to P.O. Box 8815, Vancouver WA 98666-8815, or by calling the above number.

Ballots for the August 7 primary and special elections are now available at the Clark County Elections Department, 1408 Franklin St., Vancouver. Election Department office hours are from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Mail ballots were mailed to registered voters.

Ridgefield Waste Treatment Plant Rated ‘Outstanding’

The Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) has identified the City of Ridgefield Waste Water Treatment Plant for a “Waste Water Treatment Plant Outstanding Performance” award for operations during the 2011 calendar year.

Of approximately 300 waste water treatment plants statewide, the City of Ridgefield’s plant was among 108 that achieved full compliance with the discharge permits in 2011. This is the fifth time in eight years that the City of Ridgefield has received this award.

A May 23, 2012 letter from Kelly Susewind, Water Quality Program Manager, stated “It takes diligent operators and a strong management team, working effectively together, to achieve this high level of compliance. It’s not easy to operate a waste water treatment plant 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without violations.  Ecology appreciates the extraordinary level of effort your plant operators demonstrated throughout 2011. Talented and proficient operators are critical to successful plant operations and protecting the health of Washington’s water.  Your excellent record proves that dedicated operators run the City of Ridgefield Waste Water Treatment Plant and their combined efforts lead to outstanding compliance”.

Boater Education Cards

State law requires vessel operators to carry a Washington State Boater Education card when operating motorboats with 15 horsepower or greater  (including personal watercraft or any motorized watercraft). The fine for not having one is $87.

To get a card, boaters must:

– Take an approved boater education course in the classroom,  classroom/hands-on, online or at home
– Complete and submit the Boater Education Card Application, along with $10 and a legal copy of proof of course completion

For more information about the mandatory boater education card program, vessel owners may visit the Mandatory Boater Education website at

Sewer Partnership

Under terms of a recently signed memorandum of understanding, Clark County, Clark Regional Wastewater District and the Cities of Battle Ground and Ridgefield have agreed to form a new partnership, the Discovery Clean Water Alliance, by the end of summer 2012.

The alliance would not replace existing sewer providers but instead regionalize major sewer lines and treatment plants, thus eliminating the need for duplicate facilities in each service area. Customers would continue to receive service and bills from their existing provider. Each provider would pay for its proportional share of wholesale conveyance and treatment costs to the alliance based on actual sewage flows.

This shared approach would enable partners to manage capital costs through more efficient use of existing sewer capacity and shared funding of future expansions. Financial modeling suggests this would help protect customers from future rate spikes associated with large projects, thereby promoting more stable rates over the next 20 years.

The agreement also protects ratepayers from having to foot the bill for projects that do not benefit them. Any repair, replacement or capital cost would be shared by only the partners who use that part of the system.

The partnership also should make it easier to complete infrastructure projects faster and at less cost for employment lands throughout the regional service area. One example is the Discovery Corridor Wastewater Transmission System along Interstate 5 in north Clark County. A recent feasibility study indicated that providing sewer service in this area could encourage development of multiple employment centers and potentially create thousands of jobs, consistent with the recently released Columbia River Economic Development Council’s Economic Development Plan.

Over the next several months, elected officials from each agency will work together on a “Transition Board” to complete legal agreements, establish financial policies and take other steps toward formal creation of the alliance.

Additional information about the Discovery Clean Water Alliance is available at or upon request from the participating agencies.

Renewing Vehcile Registration

News from Mark Eaton at Ridgefield Junction Auto License:

I am pleasantly surprised at how busy the businesses at the junction are, given the construction of the roundabouts.  The delays are short and traffic has been moving right along. It is great to see that people still value the services of these businesses enough to visit them during this construction.

However, if you wish to avoid the construction and still support your local community, you can renew your registrations online at  As always, you can still visit us in person, or save time by picking up your prepaid registration, or simply allow us to mail it to you.  Selecting the Ridgefield office on the website will not cost you any more than if you were to renew in person.

What you’ll need:

Make sure we have your current address. If you’ve moved, change your address before you renew.

License plate number of the vehicle.

Each registered owner’s driver license number.

MasterCard, Visa, or American Express (No gift cards). Visit

Renew your vehicle tabs in 5 easy steps

    1. Tell us which vehicle you’re renewing
2. Decide how you want to get your tabs and, if necessary, your replacement license plates (
3. Choose whether you want to:
– Purchase a 12-month Discover Pass
– Donate to a cause
4. Pay your fees
5. Print your receipt

Information: (360) 887-2345

Thanks, Mark, for sending along this important information.

No Vessel Paper Renewal Notices this Year

Vessel renewal season is fast approaching and registrations for all vessels expire June 30th.

Vessel paper renewal notices were discontinued a couple of years ago due to a loss in dedicated funding.  Vessel owners who signed up for email notification should have received their notices by the end of April.  Those who did not sign up last year, or who still need to renew their registration, may do so by going to  Selecting the Ridgefield office will not cost you any more than if you were to renew in person, and we appreciate your shopping locally and supporting your community.

What you’ll need

– Registration number (WN) of the boat
– Hull Identification Number (HIN) of the boat
– MasterCard, Visa, or American Express (No gift cards)

Renew your decals in 4 easy steps

1. Tell us which boat you want to renew
2. Tell us how you want to get your decals
3. Pay your fees
4. Print your receipt for your records

Information: (360) 887-2345

Kay Kammer Leaves City

Kay Kammer has worked for the City of Ridgefield for over ten years, the latest as Administration Services Director / City Clerk. I was sorry to hear she is leaving to take a position in Battle Ground. Her last day will be May 11.

Kay has been a shining star at the City – always willing to help, and always ready with the right answer. Whoever takes over her job will have big shoes to fill.

I wish Kay the best in her new endeavor.

Justin’s Going Away Party


There were a few tears shed at Justin Clary’s going away party last night because so many people will miss him. All of us who have worked with Justin have admired his positive attitude and the things he accomplished for our city in his eight years here.




Justin and Kerry and their two daughters plan to stay in Ridgefield until school ends and their house sells, and then they will move to Bellingham to work in the offices of Maul, Foster, Alongi. Until then Justin will work in MFA’s Vancouver office.

In a short speech Justin credited his successes in Ridgefield to the

“tireless efforts of our dedicated City staff and council. Ridgefield is a success story in the making and I look forward to continuing to watch its many accomplishments to come.”

He quoted Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

And to me, that’s what Ridgefield is all about!