Davidson Insurance Partners with the Friends of the Library

Each month Davidson Insurance chooses a local non-profit to receive a $25 payment for each person who calls to get an insurance quotation and mentions the month’s featured group. Friends of the Ridgefield Library are proud that Davidson Insurance has chosen their group to receive this stipend during September. Davidson has also supported the Ridgefield Friends of the Library Golf Tournament since its inception.

For the past four years, Davidson & Associates Insurance has been awarded the best practices designation from IIABA (Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America, Inc.

Davidson Insurance has also been awarded the title Best in Business from the Vancouver Business Journal for the last four years. This publication relies on votes from consumers to create a list of reliable local business providers.

Call Davidson at 360-514-9550 for all your insurance needs. You do not have to purchase their insurance if it doesn’t fit your needs, just mention the library. They support us!


Last Chance for Discount!

The Friends of the Ridgefield Library’s Golf Tournament is Sunday, October 6. Folks who register before September 1 can take advantage of a discount on tickets – only $100. After the 1st they go  up to $110. If you’re a member of the Friends you get an even bigger discount: $90/$100.

The tournament is held at Tri-Mountain Golf Course, and it’s a 12:00 scramble. Prizes are awarded and raffle items are offered as well as a delicious spaghetti dinner. There will be a putting contest between holes 9 and 10 ($10) and mulligans and throws are available for $5 each.

This is always a fun event – call Kathy at 360-887-2160 or Tevis at 360-887-3879 to register. Credit cards are accepted.

Trustees Meeting

Trustees for the Fort Vancouver Regional Library meet monthly at the various libraries in the system. Next Monday, August 15, they will meet in the Community Room of the Ridgefield Library. The meeting starts at 6:00, and the public is invited. It’s a good chance to see how our library system operates. There is time for public comments at the beginning of the meeting.

Architects Meet with Patrons

The meeting last night with the architects designing the remodeled library drew a larger than expected crowd. Many folks had questions and comments about the plans. There are still a few bug to be worked out, but the basic design looks good. A copy of the drawings is at the library if you’re interested.

Meet with Library Architects

Tuesday, August 13, architects for the remodeled Ridgefield Library will present conceptual drawings of the space, and attendees will have a chance to critique them and offer suggestions. This is a chance for you to bring your ideas on what the library should include.

Ask your kids what they’d like to have included – they will be using it for a long time. With so many people in Ridgefield coming in from other areas and bringing their ideas we have a chance to make our new library an award-winning building.

It all starts at 6:30 pm in the Community Room of the library. Be there!

Save the Dates!

Here are some events you’ll want to put on your calendar.

Saturday, August 3. Friends of the Library will be at Overlook Park for First Saturday with a pop-up used book sale. 9am to 2pm.

Tuesday, August 13. The architects for the new library will present conceptual drawings of the exterior and interior of the remodeled library. They’ll welcome input from the public on their ideas. This is an important meeting and a chance for you to get involved in the planning for the library. Don’t miss it!

Monday, September 9. Vinnie’s Pizza Cash Back Night, 4 – 9 pm. Vinnie’s will not only donate a portion of the money taken in, but will match the amount collected. The Coco’s are very supportive of the library and have sponsored this event for several years.

Sunday, October 6. FORE! The Friends of the Library Golf Tournament. Noon scramble. We’re not taking reservations for players and looking for sponsors for this event.


Invest in a New Library

Here’s the latest on what’s happening with the design of our new library. The Friends of the Ridgefield Library met with Executive Director Amelia Shelley yesterday morning, and found we are about $1m short of enough money to remodel the existing building(s), and $2m short if we decide to expand out to the alley.

There will be a public meeting with the architects on Tuesday, August 13, 6:30pm, at the Community Room of the library. Conceptual drawings will be presented, which means the FVRL Foundation can start calling on major businesses for donations of major amounts of money.

Please plan to attend this meeting – this is the time when you can give ideas on what you’d like the library to become.

Sean has layouts of the existing building – contact him if you’d like a try at designing the new building.

Book Sale at Farmers’ Market

July 6, 2019, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, Friends of the Ridgefield Library will be at the Farmers Market at Overlook Park, corner of Pioneer Street and Main Avenue.

Peruse an assortment of books for readers of all ages and buy them at our famous rock-bottom prices. While you’re at it, pick up one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted surprise items the Friends found just for you! Every time! Don’t miss our two tents at the Farmers Market at Overlook Park on Saturday.

3Peaks Fund Raiser

If you weren’t at 3Peaks on Saturday night, you missed a rollicking good time. The weather was beautiful and everyone was having a good time. Britnee Kellogg was scheduled to perform from 6 to 8, but she stayed longer – she was obviously having a good time.

Thanks to the owners of 3Peaks for hosting this event – what a great idea! The Friends of the Library will get a portion of the food and drinks consumed.

Notice Priscilla the Pig in the last photo – she raised over $200 at this event. You can pick up a jar at the library if you’d like to help Priscilla.

The next major fund raiser for the library will be the golf tournament on Sunday, October 6, at Tri Mountain Golf Course. Sign up for a four some, or become a sponsor by calling Kathy at 360-887-2160 or Tevis at 360-887-3879.




Little Red Wagon Needed

Does anyone have a small wagon we could use to pull Priscilla the Pig on the 4th of July? Christle England is going to pass out jars for pig food and we felt pulling Priscilla would make it easy for folks to know what she’s doing.

In case you haven’t see Priscilla in the library, she’s an adorable pink pig with eyelashes to die for, and she’s raising money for the remodel of the library.


Another Little Library

Ridgefield has another little library – this one on Depot Street between Main and First. Some of the libraries are stocked by the homeowners, some by the Friends of the Library.

Please take a book, and if possible leave another in its place.

The idea of putting little libraries in town was to promote reading, and they certainly have done so. You’ll find them all over – look for them while you’re traveling around town.

3Peaks Cash Back Night

Save the date! Saturday, June 29, 3Peaks Public House and Taproom will have a cash-back night to benefit the Ridgefield Friends of the Library. All food and drink ordered inside 3Peaks will be eligible. You can order food made at Pacific NW Best Fish and it counts for the rebate, but you must order it at the bar in 3Peaks. Going next door for food doesn’t count.

Friends of the Library will be bussing tables – come and watch your friends work!

As an added bonus, country-western singer Britnee Kellogg will perform between 6 and 8. It’s going to be an evening of fun and music. Kids are welcome and there’s plenty of room outside for them to play.

This is a major fund raiser for the library, and we hope lots of people will be there.

Friends Meeting

The Friends of the Library group is trying something new. The Public Awareness Team is looking for additional volunteers to help with the following:  newsletter, website, publicity, social media and community outreach. There will be an informational meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, June 18th at 11 am in the small community room of the library to discuss what the needs are, what skills we’re looking for, etc.  There is probably a little something for everyone.

Please consider attending this meeting even if it’s just to hear what this team does, but especially if you have any interest in becoming involved in the Friends and their efforts in supporting the library.

Update on the Library Building Fund

We now have some cost figures on remodeling the library building of about $360 per square foot.

With the generous donations of the Community Center building by the Community Center Group, an anonymous donor who matched a million dollars worth of donations, pledges by the Fort Vancouver Regional Library, a huge donation by the Firstenburg family, funds raised by the Friends of the Ridgefield Library, and large and small donations from the Ridgefield Community, we have raised about $3.3 million dollars so far.

This is not enough to build the library. We all know we need a larger library. With the growth in Ridgefield our existing space is not large enough. It’s time to buckle down and think of ways to raise more money.


Save the Date!

Britnee Kellogg will perform at a cash-back evening at 3Peaks on June 29 that benefits the library. She’s a local celebrity who had a nice writeup in the Columbian not too long ago.

A percentage of your bill will be donated to the Ridgefield Library for their building campaign between 5 and 10 pm, and Ms. Kellogg will be there from 6 to 8.

It should be a fun evening of country music with good food from Pacific NW Best Fish next door. Members of the Friends of the Ridgefield Library will be bussing tables, so give them your ‘thanks’ for the yeoman’s work they been doing in raising money for the last five years.