Love Your Library Benefit Tea

Saturday, February 22, Elizabeth Brush of Myrtle’s Tea House is offering a tea to benefit the library building fund. There will be two seatings: 12:00 and 1:30.

This charming tea house is at 322 North Third Avenue in downtown Ridgefield, and it’s always a pleasure to enjoy the ambience and good food at Myrtle’s.

Cost is $50 per person, of $45 if you are a member of the Friends of the Ridgefield Library.

For reservations and more information, contact Jeanne Androvich at 808-276-7088 or

James Roach – where are you?

We are making final plans for the Friends of the Library prime rib dinner at Gouger Cellars on Valentine’s Day. A man named James Roach expressed an interest through the library’s FaceBook page, but gave no contact information. If you are him, please contact me immediately at 360-887-2160 so we can get your information.

Support the Library!

Only two tickets remain for the gala Valentine Day Dinner at Gouger Cellars, so if you want to be in involved in this fund raiser for the new Ridgefield library, please call 360-887-2160 to reserve your seats. Cost is $75 each and there is a choice of prime rib or cheese tortellini with a delicious salad and decadent dessert.

Bring your Sweetheart a Valentine

Want to impress your sweetheart? Buy tickets for the gala prime rib dinner and wine tasting at Gouger Winery on Valentines, Friday, February 14.

Tickets are selling fast for this festive candlelit dinner, and you don’t want to miss out. It’s a chance to dress up and enjoy a romantic dinner while raising money for the new Ridgefield library. Seating is limited, and there are only a few tickets left.

Call 360-887-2160 to reserve a space. It’s only $75 per person and for that you get a rose wine tasting, prime rib dinner or cheese tortellini with salad, a decadent desert and a glass of wine.

Thank You Tevis Laspa

This is the last update on what’s happening with the library’s building campaign for this year, and I want to give a shout out to Tevis Laspa, who’s retiring from the Building Library Team after five years of service. He gave his notice a year ago, so it’s nothing we didn’t expect, and I want to honor Tevis for his years of help.

Tevis was always there when we needed him. He drove the library’s truck, Old Blue, to pick up books for all our book sales and then take them to the distribution center when the sale was done. This meant a lot of lifting and carrying and his back probably won’t ever be the same. He also made signs for the tables and used his wood-working skills to create many items for the Friends.

Tevis was auctioneer for many of our events and because he knew most of the people in the audience he was able to cajole them into spending more than they had probably planned to. We raised a lot of money from the Dewey Decimal Pizza Party, two CHAIR-ity events, etc.

We had successful golf tournaments because Tevis found some great raffle items and he kept the tournament fun.

When asked why he volunteered to help raise money for the library building fund, Tevis said it was in honor of his wife, Gwen, who died of cancer in 2015. He has done way more than honor Gwen through his support of the library.

Personally, I will miss our long conversations as we drove to all the FVRL’s Trustees meetings every month. We wanted to keep Ridgefield uppermost in the minds of the seven Trustees who guide the library. Of the three cities building new libraries, Tevis and I were the only two who attended every single meeting and I think it made a difference. August is the month that our Ridgefield Friends’ group hosts the meeting, and Tevis is known for the barbecued pork and onions that he provided for several years. He brought his huge barbecue and set it up under a canopy in the alley to make the dinner. We’ll certainly miss that.

I will miss being his ‘girl friend’ even though I’m old enough to be his mother. (That’s an inside joke.) So Tevis – I know you’ve got lots of projects in the fire and you’ll be happy to have more time to work on them, but please know that the Friends of the Library, and especially me, Kathy Winters, will miss you and your positive attitude.

A Unique Gift

Give your sweetheart the gift of an experience this holiday season, rather than a ‘thing.’

Friends of the Ridgefield Library and Gouger Cellars are teaming up to offer a unique gift – a prime rib dinner on Valentine’s Day, February 14, starting at 6:30 pm. The gala evening includes Gougér Cellars’ Sparkling Rosé tasting with appetizers to start. Then there’s a choice of prime rib or cheese tortellini entrée with salad, a decadent dessert and a glass of wine. Wear your best cocktail attire, and come prepared to have fun.

Seating is limited, so I suggest you make your reservation at 360-887-2160 immediately if you want to enjoy this very special evening. Credit cards are accepted.

Tickets cost $75 each, and a gift card and tickets announcing your present can be mailed to you if you make your reservation before December 19th. Gouger Cellars is at 26506 NE 10th Avenue.

A portion of the proceeds benefit the Ridgefield Library Building Fund.

Androvich Wins Ridgefield Quilt

Jeanne Androvich won the drawing for the Ridgefield Quilt. The quilt was made by community members as a fund raiser for our new library, and the drive was a great success. Thanks to all who bought a ticket to support the library building fund.

Thank You Rosauers

With no announcement or any fanfare, Rosauers presented a check for $3500 to Councilwoman Sandra Day, made out to the Fort Vancouver Regional Library Foundation, to benefit the Ridgefield Library Building Fund. WOW!

This is a surprise to us all, and very welcome. Thank you Rosauers. You are a very welcome addition to Ridgefield.


Giant Book Sale Today

The Giant Book Sale to benefit the library starts today at 3:00 for members of the Friends of the Ridgefield Library, donors, and teachers. Not a member? No problem – buy a membership at the door. No scanners please.

Tomorrow the sale opens to everyone at 9 am. No scanners in the children’s area please.

At 2:00 on Saturday the winner of the Priscilla Guessing Contest will be announced, and the winner of the Ridgefield Quilt will be picked. Chances on the quilt cost $5 and may be purchased right up to the drawing.



Priscilla Contest

Only one more week to enter the Priscilla contest. Guess how much money is in the carboy, write that number on an entry form, attach a $5 bill or check, and put the form in the green box on the librarian’s table,

The contest will close next Saturday, November 30, and the winner will be notified at Hometown on December 7. If you win you’ll get half the money collected for the contest.

Good luck!

Meeting with the Architects

                                    Proposed exterior for the new library

Meet the Architects and see plans for the remodel and expansion of our new library – Tuesday, November 19, 6 t0 8 pm in the Community Room of the library.

They’ll have all the latest updates and you’ll be able to give feedback to them.

This will also be the last public viewing of the Ridgefield quilt, and a chance for you to buy tickets before the drawing for the winner at Hometown. All tickets benefit the library building fund – all materials were donated.

Buy your tickets now!




Priscilla is Done Raising Money for the Library

Priscilla’s long campaign to raise money for the library closes today, so if you still have money to put in the carboy, please bring it to the library before closing time tonight.

Tomorrow the carboy will be sealed and a contest to guess how much money Priscilla raised will begin. The contest will  run through November 30. Pick up an entry form in the library. It costs $5 for each form you fill out and you can enter as many times as you want. The person who guesses closest to the exact amount raised will win half the contest money.

Hint: We know there’s at least one $100 bill in the container, so take that into account when you figure up an amount.\

The winner of the contest will be announced at 2:00 at the library during Hometown.

Cookies Needed

Friends of the Ridgefield Library needs packages of store-bought cookies to handed out at Hometown on December 7 as we can no longer use home-baked goodies.  Please take your donated cookies to the library desk before the end of November.

Priscilla Pig Food Donatons to End November 15

Priscilla’s pig food container will be sealed November 15,  so please bring your collection jars to the library before then.

A contest to guess how much money was raised will run from November 16 through the 30th. It costs $5 to enter the guessing contest, and the person who comes closest to the exact number will win half the contest money. Vote as many times as you want, just attach a $5 bill or check to each entry form and deposit it in the green box at the library. Sorry, you have to be 18 or older to enter the contest.

Just so you know – a $100 bill was donated, so we know there’s more than that in the carboy.

Winner of the contest will be announced at 2:00 at the library booth on December 7 at Hometown. Money will be split in case of a tie.

Vinnies Pizza Gives Cash-Back

For the last four years, Vince and Elena from Vinne’s Pizza have sponsored a cash-back night, where they not only donate a portion of the proceeds from the evening to the Friends of the Library, but match that amount.

Here’s Elena presenting the check to yours truly.

Good news! Elena told me they’d like to do it again in January. Keep posted!

When you order your pizza or other Italian food from Vinnie’s, please tell them ‘thanks’ for supporting our library.