Reminder: Dedication Tomorrow

Our new ‘Wings of the World” sculpture will be dedicated tomorrow, Saturday, November 18, 4:00 at Overlook Park.

This beautiful sculpture of a soaring eagle was created by Sharon Agnor and commemorates the lives and efforts of five significant people who had the vision for and helped create Overlook Park: Allene Wodaege, Jim Maul, Sydney Reisbick, Amy Montoya, and David Dines.

This community gathering will include a history of Overlook Park, music and refreshments. Please come.

A Photo Op

Mayor's Chair

Expecting guests for the holidays? The Mayor’s Chair at Overlook Park is a great place for a picture of the whole family – line them up along the rungs.

Or have them pose next to our bear, just a little northwest of the chair.

Bear at Overlook Park

bear Oct 2015

Recently I walked through Overlook Park and took these pictures of the bronze bear statue that was donated to Ridgefield by artist ‘Ratso’ Ratterman. This is not the final location for the bear, but one to let everyone know we have it and how spectacular it is. It will be permanently affixed in a suitable area for display, and at that time the artist will be honored formally.

Another addition to the park is the black metal bench that will be installed on a concrete pad along the pathway. I didn’t take a photo of it because it’s just sitting on the lawn at this time, while we wait for the concrete to cure, but the designs on the back echo the designs on the panels above the stage. Check it out when you’re downtown – the park just keeps getting better and better.

News about Overlook Park

Salmon Faces

This is a photo of the molten glass being fired to become the inserts in the metal panels at Overlook Park. Earlier I showed the wood molds that were used – you can look back through earlier posts to find that  photo.

Overlook Park

Adam McIsaac with plans

Members of the Overlook Park Committee met with Adam McIsaac this morning at the Sportsman’s Restaurant and Lounge to go over drawings for the four panels which will span spaces between the uprights at the rear of the stage at the park.

The panels will be metal, nine feet wide, and illustrate flora and fauna that are native to our area.

That’s Adam at the left, showing the six concepts he presented. Jim Maul, Dick Carlson and Steve Wall are also pictured. Others who also attended were Mayor Ron Onslow, Sandy Schill, Allene Wodaege and me.

Adam is a nationally known artist who works in wood and metal. Four of the six designs were approved, and the next step will be to vectorize the drawings and research what type of metal will be cost effective and be best for the work.


Overlook Park Interpretive Panels

Interpretive panels - install

The new interpretive panels for Overlook Park were installed this week

The park is almost done – next step is to decide on other artwork to be included.

There will be a meeting Monday, November 4, 4:30 at the Sportsman’s to talk about this.

Interpretive panels side

There is still one more panel to be installed. It will be placed to the west of the viewing platform.

interpretive panels - back

Overlook Park Construction is Moving Along

I promised to take some photos of the park as it’s being built. This shot shows the forms for the stage and was taken last week. This morning the forms have been removed and that’s what the next picture shows.

I talked to Denise Koopman of Country Financial, who watches the progress from her windows, and she said that the whole building shook when the concrete sidewalks were removed along Pioneer.

Overlook Park Ground Breaking Ceremony

Members of the Overlook Park Committee will sponsor a Ground Breaking ceremony at the park on Saturday, March 16 at 11:00 am. People in the community who were part of making this new park a reality will be honored.

Tapani Underground will start construction on the park March 18, and the plan is to have it complete by our July 4 celebration. This jewel of a park will provide expansive views of the Refuge, especially with the addition of the last parcel of land which completes the square. Trees will be removed and the existing house at the bottom of the hill will be razed to open up the view.

Construction to Start on Overlook Park

Tappani Underground was awarded the contract to construct the facilities at Overlook Park at the City Council meeting last week. Construction will begin as soon as all paperwork is complete, and they hope to have the project completed in time for our Fourth of July celebration.

To those of you who are new to Ridgefield, the park, at the southwest corner of Pioneer and Main, was a ten-year project, with lots of people involved.

There will be a plaza, viewing area, and public restrooms. This jewel of a location will provide a lovely gathering area for our little town.

Bids for Overlook Park

As you know, the bids to construct Overlook Park were rejected because they were too high.

In coordination with Steve Wall from the City of Ridgefield, the committee plans to go out to bid again for construction of Overlook Park around mid-October. They hope to have a contractor selected in mid-November.

Some modifications to the bid package were made to allow for flexibility in contractor selection and pricing. Construction is now scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2013. Jim Maul, president of the Overlook Park Committee commented that “the city has been superb to work with and I can’t say enough good about its commitment to this project.”


Overlook Park Committee Update

Members of the Overlook Park Committee were pleased to hear that construction of Overlook Park is planned to begin sometime in mid July. Representatives from the Department of Ecology, the Cowlitz tribe, Department of Archaeology, Washington Department of Transportation and City of Ridgefield officials met last week, and came to an agreement on how the project is to move forward. There are still a number of steps to be completed, but the discussion went very well.

Pictured in this photo are Clyde Burkle, Dick Carlson, Justin Clary, Gary Adkins, Steve Wall, Allene Wodaege, Jim Maul and Ron Onslow.