Clear Water in Allen Canyon Creek


The photo above is of Allen Canyon Creek at the bottom of Allen Canyon.  The photo was taken Tuesday morning October 18th.  It was a pleasant surprise to see it running so clean and clear after the heavy rains we’ve had.

The new housing subdivisions near Pioneer and N 45th Ave are in the Allen Canyon Creek watershed.  The clean water is in part due to proper erosion control practices and properly functioning storm water facilities.  Doing things right makes for healthy watersheds and streams so that’s pleasing.  In a few weeks a few Coho may return to the site where Les Greear maintains an incubator.

Allen Canyon Creek is a very small stream that now dries up with the summer drought.   That is the most serious problem this creek has.   There are several dams with ponds upstream which provide water for stock and for homeowner’s enjoyment.

It’s possible that by working with the owners of these ponds flows can be restored. Even a small flow would make a difference.

Construction of new Storm Water Main Begins


Tapani Underground has begun replacing the 12” storm water pipe that serves the north end of old town with a 24” pipe.

The larger pipe size will prevent flooding and will allow more connections to be made to improve drainage.  There will be no treatment of the storm water on this section and that is disappointing.

Public works director Bryan Kast has stated the new line is being built in such a way as to make installing a treatment facility easier at a later time.  If things had been done differently, however, upsizing the line and having treatment could have been part of the same project and the costs would be much lower.

The improvement in water quality will have to wait.  —Paul Snoey