Port Opens Parking for Trailers

With fishing season upon us, parking on the waterfront has been a concern.

Port trailer parking

This was the scene at the marina this morning.  As you can see, it’s crowded. It’s okay to park on Division Street, Railroad Avenue and the western edge of the gravel portion. On weekends parking is legal on the Port of Ridgefield property.

Port trailer parking2

As you can see, lots of folks took advantage of the Port of Ridgefield space. Port Commissioner Joe Melroy was helping direct traffic, although I arrived too late to get a photo of him.

Port trailer parking3

This was the scene along Division, showing the new trail back to the marina.

Port Presents at Dallas Conference


Randy Mueller in Dallas

Randy Mueller, Ridgefield Port’s Director of Business Development, mans the Port’s booth at a national public-private conference in Dallas, TX. At the P3C Conference Port representatives will meet with prospective developers and financiers for Ridgefield development opportunities. Port CEO Brent Grening will also make a presentation on the Millers’ Landing project to many of the 700 conference attendees.

New Walking Trail Opens

End of the trail kiosk

The new walking trail along Lake River is now open. It’s completely flat and most of it is paved. The gravel sections need to have some excavation done, which will be completed later. The edge of the trail has been hydroseeded, so after we have a good rain there should be vegetation.

Thanks to Barbara and Dave Wright who sent these two photos. Trail at Carty Lake

Report from Randy Mueller at the Port

Here’s a update on the lengthening of Pioneer Street from Randy Mueller:

As of this week, Phase 1 of the Pioneer Street Railroad Overpass is now underway. The first phase of this project will improve Pioneer Street from the intersection with Main Avenue down to the Ridgefield Living Center. As part of this project the corner will be widened and expanded, and the Lewis and Clark kiosk located there will need to be relocated. The kiosk will be taken down to the port this week, and then installed somewhere along the waterfront later this summer.

Work on this phase should be finished before the 4th of July. Later phases of the overpass project will build the roadway on the other side of the tracks, and then the span passing over the tracks along with the closure of the Mill Street and Division Street at-grade crossings.


Pictures from the Commissioners’ Picnic

There were lots of happy people at the Port Commissioners’ picnic last night. It was a beautiful crisp evening with a good wind blowing.

The Port put up their big tent at the top of the hill, which has a commanding view of the Refuge.

The Ridgefield Schools Foundation served the food and the money donated went to support their many activities to aid our children.

Our own Opus School of Music provided entertainment.

You could get sodas.

The Port supplied free root beer floats – but somehow I neglected to get a photo of that! There;s always next year.

Lots of organizations were on hand to talk to folks about their projects, including the Ridgefield Garden Club and the Lions.

Everyone’s looking forward to next year’s picnic, when the imrovements at the Port will be finished and we’ll have a lovely waterfront area.

Port of Ridgefield Picnic Tonight

Tonight is the Port of Ridgefield’s Commissioners Picnic from 4 to 7 pm at the foot of Mill Street. Lots of local organizations will be represented, among them the Ridgefield Schools Foundation.

Update on the Port Clean Up

The old buildings that housed the Pacific Wood Treating plant have been removed from the Port of Ridgefield property as you can see from the picture above, and lots of changes will soon be made Here’s an update on what’s going on at the port, from Randy Mueller, Director of Business Development:

A few months ago the Steam Enhanced Remediation process concluded, and the big tent and all of the equipment were dismantled. All the buildings and their foundations have been demolished, except for the port office which is staying put. The area between the river bank and the railroad tracks is being re-contoured, and then the big piles of clean soil will be spread out as a protective earthen “cap” over the whole site.

After that, Division Street will be cleaned up and rebuilt, and the waterfront trail from the boat launch to the wildlife refuge will be constructed. All of that work is scheduled to be complete by the end of October this year.

As a later phase of the project, the port will apply for grant funding for benches, trashcans, and other amenities to come at a later date.

Road Closure

West Division Street, west of the Port of Ridgefield and City of Ridgefield Offices will be closed (including the kayak launch) from August 15 – November 30, 2012

Kayak users can launch at the Port of Ridgefield Boat Launch on Mill Street located one block south of Division Street

Wine Country

The new Discovery Corridor wine map is out. It lists the wineries and vineyards in north Clark County as well as sellers of local wines and other amenities visitors might like to visit in the area. It was produced by the Port of Ridgefield with funds set aside by the Port Commission for promotion of the local wine industry within the area of the port district.

Anyone interested can contact the port if they’d like a supply delivered in a brochure holder for handing out. They’re a great resource for shoppers and visitors to our area.

The Port is happy to mail one brochure upon request. Contact the port at www.portridgefield.org or 360-887-3873.

Watch for the map to be updated and reprinted regularly as new wine-related businesses and attractions come to the area.

Boat Launch Permits

Buy an Annual Boat Launch Permit at either the Port of Ridgefield, 111 West Division, or the Ridgefield Hardware, 104 North Main Avenue. Cost is $40, and the permit is good through the end of the year. The Port accepts only cash or checks. The hardware store also takes credit cards, and is open Saturdays, 8-6, and Sundays, 10-4.

Kayak Launch Permits are also available at either location, and the cost is $20.

Single-use permits for boats or kayaks are available for $6 at the ticket machine at the boat launch.