More on North Main Avenue Construction

The photo above was taken last Thursday.  The reflection of the arched dome has created an illusion that the culvert is a complete circle.  Because the worksite was flooded all week,the contractors were unable to work.  Later on Thursday, a larger pump was brought in and it began pumping down the area on Friday.  By Saturday morning, the level of water had dropped about 3 feet or more.  Another large pump was brought in Saturday morning.  Sunday was a day of heavy rain and by tonight my rain gauge had 1.18 inches of rain.  The watershed for Gee Creek is 8.7 square miles.  A one inch rain on the watershed dumps 150 million gallons or more.  Some of this water is soaked into the ground  or stored in ponds and wetlands or storm water facilities.  The water that makes it to the creek can only go through the North Main Avenue crossing.  With the extra pumping today, the water level stayed about the same.  The National Weather Service is predicting another round of heavy rain early Tuesday.  This could be a real problem:  The high flows on the creek today will not have much time to drain the watershed before the next storm and the ground is beginning to be soaked increasing the amount of runoff.   September is a month of transition from summer into fall.  Occasionally, early autumn storms can arrive.  This year has been unusually stormy so far and is making things difficult for the project.  It is a little ironic that this project should prevent any future flooding on North  Main Avenue but is being delayed by a flooded worksite.





Wind Fields at Old Liberty

Rock Band Wind Fields will be at the Old Liberty Theater at 7:30 pm on Saturday, September 14. The group is described as ‘entertainingly dark and twisty”, and tickets are $15. The group sings old pop music with short and sweet arrangements and quick changes.

Doors open at 6:45 with opener Max Hay presenting comedy and musicianship.

Flooded Worksite


The work area is flooded halting work on the section of N Main Ave and Gee Creek.  The work area is dependent on a pump to move water upstream to down stream of the work area.  We have had some heavy rain yesterday through this morning. The staff gauge in Abrams Park showed a flow of 70 cubic feet/second or 31,000 gallons a minute.  It is much too much for the pump and the creek has backed up almost to Heron Ridge Drive.  There will be some  more rain this week and flows should stay higher for a while.  Usually flows are less than 5 cubic feet/second in late summer.

~ Contributed by Paul Snoey

The End of The Drought

A couple of years ago I had mentioned to Kathy Winters that I had seen a garter snake chasing some fish in a pond that had almost gone dry.  With the long summer drought, the same pond has only a few inches of water left again this year.  In driving by a few days ago, there was another snake in the pond and I could see lots of movement from what I  thought were fish.  I was curious and came back with a bucket of water and a net.  A couple of scoops and these creatures were in the net.  I took a few home and put them in an aquarium.  I took the above photo and grabbed a field guide.  These are larval long toed salamanders.  These are what the garter snake was after.  They are very fast swimmers and could avoid a garter snake.  But as the pond got drier they were becoming more vulnerable.

The photo above is of Allen Canyon creek.  This creek had stopped flowing several weeks ago.  There are a few pools like this and the Coho fry released from the incubator are stranded.  This afternoon, we had two heavy rain showers and they dropped almost an inch of rain.  It may be enough to get the creek flowing again and save these fish.   I may be able to stop watering trees along Gee Creek if it rains just a little more.  Perhaps Autumn is a little early this year.



Good News for the Library!

Another anonymous donor has pledged $10,000 for the Library Building Fund. thanks to the hard work of Rick Smithrud of the Fort Vancouver Library Foundation. This put us farther along the road to getting our newly remodeled library.

Now if only we had ten more donations of this size we could start building the library next spring.

 It’s easy to donate to the library building fund. Make your check out to the Friends of the Ridgefield Library and mail it to PO Box 534, Ridgefield, WA 98642, or take it to the library. Contributions may be tax deductible.

If you want to be a Cornerstone member by donating $1000, the money can be paid in regular increments, but you do need to sign a form in order for the Treasurer to track payments. There are other levels of giving also. Each major donor will receive recognition on a display in the new library. You can designate your donation be used only for the building fund if you like.

The Birds and the Beans

The student-run coffee shop is being constructed at the RACC. Plans are to have it open in early October, but this gives you a preview of the location and design.

More on this later…

3Peaks Supports the Library

Tevis Laspa, Kathy Winters, Zach Goldfinch, Carrie and Kelly Beckwith

Yesterday Tevis and I picked up a very nice check for the Friends of the Ridgefield Library from 3Peaks Public House and Taproom. They donated a portion of the money spent at the Britnee Kellogg concert on June 29. With the money collected in the donation jar that evening over $1900 was added to the building fund for the library.

3Peaks has held an event for the Friends for the last several years, and this has made a big contribution to our building fund. Thanks Zach, Carrie and Kelly!

What Makes Ridgefield so Special? #12

Tuesdays in the Park! Last night’s movie was ‘Babe,’ and as you can see, the multigenerational crowd was having a good time.

Meet with Architects Tonight

Farm to Table

The annual Farm to Table Dinner is this Saturday, August 17th from 6 to 10pm at Overlook Park.

There is a five course meal of the finest and freshest ingredients of the local harvest created by Crave Catering and Gather & Feast Farm. The evening begins on the plaza at six o’clock with happy hour and live music by Faisal & Mitch. Dinner is served family style on long tables brimming with fresh cut flowers at seven o’clock. After dessert, relax to music and dance under the stars with your friends and neighbors. Local wines served by Ridgefield Art Association and beer served by Trap Door Brewing. This is a 21+ event.

Tickets are $75 and must be purchased in advance. For more information visit:

National Night Out Tonight

The City of Ridgefield and the Ridgefield Police Department are once again gearing up for the 15th annual National Night Out Celebration. This celebration brings our community and neighbors together for a time of food and fun. We are so excited to extend an invitation to you to help us celebrate America’s night out against crime.

National Night Out began in 1984 and has become a national celebration in cities across America, the first Tuesday in August. This year our celebration is tonight, Tuesday, August 6th, from 6pm to 8pm in Abrams Park, located at the east end of Division Street, about one mile east of Main Avenue in downtown Ridgefield.

Your participation is key to the great success of this event. By your participation you help us promote crime and drug prevention awareness, generate support for local anticrime programs and strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships.

Thought for the Week

Enjoy this perfect weather – summer in the Northwest at it’s best.

And come down to Abrams Park tomorrow (Tuesday the 6th) night for National Night Out. It’s fun!

Update on First Saturday

The wine garden and play scheduled for today’s First Saturday have been canceled.

A double header on Saturday!

Help celebrate Ridgefield’s Chamber of Commerce First Anniversary at Three Brothers Vineyard & Winery, Saturday, June 29, from noon to 4 pm. There will be live music from Dan Dingman, complimentary wine, a prize drawing and games. Tickets are $10 each at via the Events page.

And after that, come to 3Peaks Public House for dinner and drinks and listen to country western music by Britnee Kellogg. 3Peaks will donate a portion of your entire bill.

Bring the whole family to both events.

What Makes Ridgefield So Special? #11

Gail Alexander posted on Next Door that Allene Wodaege had re-injured her back and needed an electric reclining chair as it was too painful to use a bed. Within hours of the posting a chair had been found and the problem was taken care of.

Good work Ridgefield – we work together!