CCFRC Confusion

I was confused when I saw the many side-by-side outdoor ads for Larry Bartel and David Town, who are both running for Clark County Fire & Rescue Commissioner. It appeared to me that they were running for the same position. What the signs don’t say is that Mr. Bartel is running for Position #5 and his race is uncontested, therefore his name does not appear on the ballot. Mr. Town is running for Position #1, and has two opponents, therefore his name is on the ballot.Hope this helps!

By the way – send in your ballot asap. Wouldn’t it be great if Ridgefield had the largest percentage of voters in the state? We can do it!


  1. Larry Bartel says

    Mostly correct. Both are running for two open positions. Larry Bartel will run against Michael Lambrecht in the General. Dave Town is running in the primary as three persons filed for that position-Dave Town, Frank Mazna, and Richard Britschgi. The top two will then run in the General in November.

    Love the idea about being the most voted city in Washington.

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