CHAIR-ity Dinner/Auction

Almost 100 people gathered at the Community Center Saturday night for the CHAIR-ity Dinner/Auction benefit for the library.

Small student chairs were auctioned off as well as a bright red fire hydrant, a little library and the table centerpieces. Not all the results are in, but it looks like we made over $11,000! We signed up new Cornerstone members ($1000 donations.)

Herb ‘ Roots provided the food and the Friends of the Ridgefield library made desserts. Sorry I didn’t get a photo of the chairs – I was too busy talking to people!

Amelia Shelley, Executive Director of the Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries spoke about the timeline of events that will happen as we get closer to having a new library.

Thank you Ridgefield – this is our biggest fund-raiser yet, and it shows people are ready to donate to build our library.

My new theme is ‘$75 EACH!’ which I’ll explain in a future blog.

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