Children and Families Show Their Appreciation for Meal Service in Ridgefield

When schools closed due to COVID-19 in mid-March, the Ridgefield School District and the Chartwells food service staff made it a priority to continue providing healthy meals for kids.  The meal service they implemented (free grab-and-go breakfast and lunch meals at school and satellite sites in the community) served children and their families through the end of the school year and has been much-appreciated.

Since the first day of the program, food servers at the school sites have been receiving Thank You notes created by the kids, and over time, the number of these thoughtful messages has grown steadily.  We are pleased to share many of them here.

Ridgefield School District is grateful to Chartwells for the exceptional service they provided to families during this challenging time.  Special thanks to Nicole Bartroff, Joanne Hazan, Vicki Mariso, and Judi Sekidde who were instrumental in getting the free meal service in place.  Thanks especially to our lunch ladies on the front lines at South Ridge and Union Ridge Elementary:  Stacie Andrew, Ruth Chumley, Jen Holbrook, Angel Slack and Amber Vesley, for meal prep & distribution and being there each day for kids and their families.


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