City Council Meeting Summary 04-14-2016:

City Council

Council Business Items:

  1. Ordinance No. 1205 – Approval of Budget Amendment: Some of the items for the budget amendment include revenue increase for 90 additional SFR permits. Increase to E2 planning contract – hourly charge will be increased effective 7/1/16 work load increase due to development activity, platting etc. Contract increase for development inspection and plan review services to support increased development. Temporary employee to handle administrative duties for the permit technician. Allows permit technician to focus on permit processing and code enforcement. For more budget amendment items please refer to Exhibit A which is available on the City’s website. (First Reading Conducted).2. Ordinance No. 1206 – Amendment to RMC 2.08.040 (City Clerk): Section 2.08.040A of the Ridgefield Municipal Code state – The city clerk shall be a full-time, exempt position who shall exercise general supervision over the administration department of the city. Due to the recent re-organization and re-assignment of duties, the City Clerk may/may not be an exempt position under state and federal wage and hour law; and will not exercise general supervision over the administration department of the city. Therefore, City staff recommends deleting RMC Section 2.08.040(A). (First Reading Conducted).
  2. Motion – Approval of Final Plat for Taverner Ridge Phase 7: The Ridgefield City Council granted conditional approval to the preliminary planned unit development and preliminary plat for the Taverner Ridge Subdivision through issuance of a Final Order in January 1997. The preliminary approval of the subdivision contemplated 9 separate phases of development. Since 1997, the first four phases have received final plat approval. The developer is now requesting approval of the final plat for Phase seven. Planning and Engineering staff have reviewed the final plat application and have determined that the final plat complies with the 1997 Final Order, the approved engineering plans and other applicable standards and regulations. (Approved).

For more information, see the City Council webpage (Detailed minutes will be posted following approval by the City Council at its next regularly scheduled meeting on April 28, 2016.)

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