City Council Meeting Summary 06-09-16:

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Council Business Items:

  1. Public Hearing and Resolution on Walker-Rohrer development restriction removal. In 2008 City Council approve annexation and development agreement for Walker/Rohrer/Callaham/Schuster properties. Section 4 of the agreement outlines a restrictive covenant applied to all properties that restricts development of the subject properties until City Council determines that public facilities are adequately funded in City. (Public Heating and Resolution Approved).
  2. Public Hearing and first reading of Ordinance on development agreement amendment on Walker-Rohrer. The proposed amendment to the Development Agreement applies primarily to properties owned or controlled by Holt (formerly Walker and Rohrer). The amended development agreement will allow the Holt properties to develop at densities and dedicate 2.0 acres of parkland to the City. Holt will also make 6.0 acres of parkland available for purchase. Trail development in compliance with the 2014 Comprehensive Parks. As part of this amendment the applicant has agreed to comply with the neighborhood design standards (18.210.060) for this development, as well as the lighting standards (18.715) requiring LED lighting throughout the development. (Public Hearing and first reading conducted).
  3. Public Hearing and Resolution on 2017-2022 Transportation Improvement Program. Per RCW 35.77.010, the legislative body of each city and town, pursuant to one or more public hearings thereon, shall prepare and adopt a comprehensive transportation program for the ensuing six calendar years. The six-year program shall specifically set forth those projects and programs of regional significance for inclusion in the transportation improvement program within that region. Exhibit 1 presents the staff-prepared City of Ridgefield Six Year Transportation Program for 2017-2022. (Public Hearing and Resolution Approved).
  4. Resolution approving official newspaper. RCW 35A.21.230 provides that “Each code city shall designate an official newspaper by resolution. The newspaper shall be of general circulation in the city and have the qualifications prescribed by chapter 65.16 RCW.” RCW 35.23.352(7) further requires that code cities under 20,000 population request bids for an official newspaper on an annual basis. The sole bid received was submitted by the Reflector. Therefore, the lowest responsible bidder is the Reflector newspaper. (Resolution approved).

For more information, see the City Council webpage, here. (Detailed minutes will be posted following approval by the City Council at its next regularly scheduled meeting on July 14, 2016. – City Council meeting on June 23rd has been cancelled).

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