City Council Meeting Summary 08-25-16:

Study Session:
City Council conducted a study session on introduction to the 2017 baseline budget.

Council Business Items:

  1. Presentation – Salary Commission Chair David Kelly presented update on Salary Commission.
  2. Presentation – Finance Director Kirk Johnson presented second quarter 2016 financial report.
  3. Public Hearing and First Reading on Ordinance No. 1216 – Petition to Annex the Brown Property: City received Notice of Petition to Annex on June 22, 2016. The annexation notice is for 107.28 acres (111.42 acres with adjacent right of way) contains within 18 parcels. Staff provided the Petition to Annex to the Clark County Assessor’s Office for review, Assessor’s Office issued a certificate of sufficiency certifying that the signatures represent 60% of the assessed property value within the annexation area, which meets the state annexation minimums. (Council conducted public hearing and first reading of the ordinance).
  4. Ordinance No. 1213 – Second Reading on Brown Development Agreement: The City, during the development of the 2016 Ridgefield Urban Area Comprehensive Plan, requested the subject area be considered by Clark County for an Urban Growth Area expansion.  The Clark County Board of Councilors considered the requested expansion for inclusion and ultimately granted the request at a duly noticed public hearing on June 21, 2016.  Clark County Ordinance 2016-06-12 was adopted by the County on June 28, 2016 and is effective ten (10) days following adoption, or July 8, 2016. The development agreement proposes a number of items that will control development of the property. (Council conducted second reading and adopted Ordinance No. 1213 as presented).
  5. Ordinance No. 1214 – Second Reading to Authorize Condemnation Process: The City of Ridgefield has determined that current facilities for the public library no longer meet the needs of a growing community. As a result the City has been looking for property for an expanded public library facility that will meet the needs of the community now and into the future. The only remaining site vetted by the City Council as a potential location for expansion of the Ridgefield Community Library, based on the needs analysis, site evaluation, and community input , is properties located at the corner of Mill and Main, and extending west along Mill to Railroad Ave. The City has every intention of working with the current property owners of the selected location to come to an agreement on purchase of the property. City has mailed notice to the property owner of record via certified mail to provide required notification per RCW 8.25.290. (Council conducted second reading and adopted Ordinance No. 1214 as presented).
  6. Ordinance No. 1217 – First Reading of Repealing Ordinance No. 753 – RMC 3.64: City Council approved RMC 3.64 to set aside funds in the water and sewer funds for the purpose of repairing and replacing existing capital facilities. At the time of approval, rates collected for these services, were used to support operations and maintenance. It was determined that 5% of rates needed to be set aside to repair and replace the existing infrastructure. The City transferred the sewer collection system to Clark Regional Wastewater District in 2014 and the treatment system to Discovery Clean Water Alliance in 2015. The City is no longer responsible for repair and replacement of the capital facilities for sewer. Staff is requesting to repeal Ordinance 753 removing the requirement from code. (Council waived the second reading and adopted Ordinance No. 1217 as presented).
  7. Resolution No. 512 – Approval of Amendment to Financial Management Policies: Finance staff recommends removing all reference from code relating to reserve policies and incorporating applicable reserve policies in the financial management policy document approved by Council. A companion recommendation, Ordinance No. 1217, has been submitted to Council to repeal RMC 3.64 Water/Sewer Capital Facilities and Equipment Replacement Fund. (Council approved Resolution No. 512 as presented).
  8. Resolution No. 513 – Approval of Debt Management Policies: Industry standards and best practices for debt management policies suggest a comprehensive policy document that addresses all aspects of issuance and management of City issued debt. The Finance Department has developed a document that addresses the purpose and objectives for debt management for the City of Ridgefield. (Council approved Resolution No. 513 as presented).
  9. Motion – Approval of City Manager 2016-17 Employment Compensation Agreement: City’s employment agreement with the City Manager provides the City Council with the option of granting the City Manager a bonus based on his previous year’s performance and the extent to which his performance exceeds established goals and specific criteria. The agreement calls for the Council to assess the City Manger’s performance in these areas no later than the end of April 2017. Council will use the results of the assessment, along with the City Manager’s annual performance evaluation, to determine any compensation adjustment effective in April 2017 for 2017-18. (Council approved motion as presented).
  10. Motion – Approval of Land Purchase for Ridgefield Outdoor Recreation Complex: City Council approved an amended 2008 development agreement with the Kennedy family and Urban NW Holdings, LLC that includes a provision to purchase 5 acres of land and receive 2.5 acres of land by donation. The City will be using the 7.5 acres of land for the Ridgefield Outdoor Recreation Complex. The purchase is being funded through a combination of Park Impact Fees ($755,000) and Real Estate Excise Taxes ($370,000). The City has added a claim for the full purchase amount, which includes $100,000 in earnest money and the remaining $1,025,000 due at closing, to the claims and payroll consent agenda. (Council approved motion as presented).
  11. Appointment of Planning Commission Member: City Council approved Mayor’s recommendation to appoint Paul Young to the Planning Commission, Position No. 1.

For more information, see the City Council webpage (Detailed minutes will be posted following approval by the City Council at its next regularly scheduled meeting on September 8, 2016).

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