City Council Meeting Summary 09-08-16:

Council Business Items:

  1. Presentation – Parks Board Chair Marie Bouvier presented Parks Board quarterly update on 2016 work plan.
  2. Presentation – Public Works Director Bryan Kast presented final draft update on water and storm water rate study.
  3. Public Hearing and First Reading on Ordinance No. 1218 – The Stephenson Vista subdivision (then known as Stephenson Manor) received preliminary approval on August 14, 2006.  The current developer acquired the property in 2015 and has been diligently pursuing development of the parcel since acquisition.  The applicant has requested a two year extension of the preliminary plat approval to August 14, 2018.  As part of this agreement the applicant has agreed to provide LED lights, the establishment of a Home Owners Association, and has agreed to meet the architectural design guidelines contained in the Ridgefield Development Code.  (Public Hearing and first reading conducted).
  4. Ordinance No. 1216 – Second Reading on Petition to Annex Petition the Brown Property: The City approved the Notice of Intent to Annex for the Brown property on August 11, 2016, the first step in the direct petition method for annexation.  The City received a Notice of Petition to Annex on June 22, 2016, the second step in the process.  The annexation notice is for 107.58 acres (111.42 acres with adjacent right of way) contained within 18 parcels. Staff provided the Petition to Annex to the Clark County Assessor’s Office for review, Assessor’s Office issued a certificate of sufficiency certifying that the signatures represent 60% of the assessed property value within the annexation area, which meets the state annexation minimums. (Council conducted second reading and adoption of the ordinance).
  5. Motion – Approval of Amendment to Comprehensive Plan Map: During the sub-area planning process, the Council adopted the 45th and Pioneer sub-area plan on December 17, 2015.  The preferred sub-area plan map for the 45th and Pioneer sub-area plan shows the zoning boundary following the natural topography of the land north of the proposed 15th Street/11th Street alignment east of 45th Avenue. While finalizing the documents for the 2016 Comprehensive Plan update, inadvertently followed the parcel lines to apply zoning controls in compliance with the adopted sub-area plan.  In order to correct this error staff is presenting this item to Council so that Council can affirm that the 45th and Pioneer sub-area map was intended to control application of zoning controls within the sub-area. (Motion approved).
  6. Motion – Approval of Bid Award for N. 4th Place Project: In 2015 the City applied for and received a CDBG Grant for reconstruction and drainage improvements on North 4th Place between Mill Street and Division Street. This project will re-open the alley to through traffic and will connect to the Mill Street Improvements Project and the 5th Avenue Improvements project, both previous CDBG funded projects. City received eight bids on the project, with the lowest bid submitted by Advanced Excavating Specialists (AES) of Longview. (Motion approved).
  7. Motion – Approval of Bid Award for Reiman Guardrail Project: In 2015 the City identified a project to extend and add additional guardrail along Reiman Road. The roadway is adjacent to a creek and in some areas there is a slope down to the creek that could pose a hazard to cars if they were to leave the roadway. The project was bid via the small works roster and the City received two bids on the project, with the lowest bid submitted by Peterson Brothers of Sumner WA. (Motion approved).
  8. Motion – Approval of Bid Award for Division Street Storm Water Project: The City’s 2008 Stormwater management plan identifies the upsizing of the Division Street Storm line as the number one project. A majority of the runoff from the northeast section of down-town flows to this storm line. In 2015 heavy rain from a thunderstorm overwhelmed the pipe causing flooding on Division Street. This project will increase the pipe size from 12 to 24-inches and will include provisions to allow a stormwater treatment facility to be retrofitted to the line in the future. The project was bid via small works roster and the City received two bids on the project, with the lowest bid submitted by Tapani, Inc. (Motion approved).

Mayor Report: Mayor appointed Beth Wills to Parks Board, Position No. 7.

Proclamation on Legendary Teacher Day and Constitution Week was read into the record by Mayor Onslow.

For more information, see the City Council webpage (Detailed minutes will be posted following approval by the City Council at its next regularly scheduled meeting on September 22, 2016).

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