City Council Meeting Summary 10-13-16:


Council Business Items:

  1. Study Session – Finance Director Kirk Johnson conducted presentation on 2017 budget – initiatives and capital projects.
  2. AWC Director and Washougal Mayor Sean Guard presented City with 2016 Small City Success Municipal Excellence Award for Ridgefield First Saturdays program.
  3. Public Hearing and First Reading of Ordinance No. 1219 – Ridgefield Mixed Use Overlay: The purpose of Ridgefield Mixed Use Overlay is to encourage development of mixed-use nodes outside the central city in the Pioneer & 45th and Ridgefield Junction subareas. Mixed-use sites are intended to combine commercial, residential and office uses on sites distinguished by high-quality architectural and site design that integrate common open areas, connections between uses and to adjacent sites, and a sensitive response to environmental features. (Public Hearing and First Reading conducted).
  4. Public Hearing and First Reading of Ordinance No. 1220 – Commercial Design Standards: The purpose of Commercial Design standards is to develop regulations that ensure commercial property is developed in a way that suits Ridgefield’s unique character and identity. (Public Hearing and First Reading conducted).
  5. Resolution No. 515 – Parks and Trail Standards: Standards are intended as a tool for developers to use in identifying locations and amenities for parks and trails, and as a guide for discussions between the City and developers to ensure that the projects will best meet the City’s long-term recreation needs. (Approved).

Mayor Report: Proclamation on Red Ribbon Week and Manufacturing Month. Appointment of Jennifer Lindsay to Planning Commission, Position No. 3.

For more information, see the City Council webpage (Detailed minutes will be posted following approval by the City Council at its next regularly scheduled meeting on October 27, 2016).

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