City Council Meeting Summary 11-03-16:

city-of-ridgefield-logo-rectangularCouncil Business Items:

  1. Study Session: Cheyenne Robinson with Buxton conducted presentation to City Council on Retails Recruitment and Retention Solution.
  2. Public Hearing on 2017 Property Tax Levy and Revenues: The total 2017 Revenue Budget totals $18,631,192, including $4,993,296 associated with internal transfers from existing funds.  In comparison, the 2016 final Revenue Budget was $22,796,922, with $6,579,722 associated with internal transfers from existing funds.  The overall net decrease in the proposed revenue budget when compared to the 2016 Budget is approximately $4.2 million an 18.3% decrease from the 2016 budgeted revenue. (Hearing conducted).
  3. First Reading on Ordinance No. 1222 – 2017 Property Tax Levy: The 2017 budget includes a statutory maximum 1% increase in the current property tax levy exclusive of additional revenue resulting from new construction, improvements to property annexations, and any increase in the value of state assessed property. The 2017 General Fund expense budget has increased 2.86% over the 2016 final expense budget to account for contractual and inflationary increases. Adoption of the 1% property tax levy increase does not match current inflation, but is needed to maintain a balanced budget. (First Reading Conducted).
  4. First Reading on Ordinance No. 1223 – 2017 Storm Water Utility Rate Code Amendment: City staff contracted with FCS group, one of the most preeminent consultants in our region, to conduct a rate analysis as required by the City’s Budget Policy. The rate analysis was conducted in 2016 and looked at expenses and revenues for the next 10 years for the Storm Water Utility. As a result of the rate study it was determined that rates for 2017 should increase $1.46 per bi-monthly billing cycle per equivalent dwelling unit. (First Reading Conducted).
  5. Second Reading on Ordinance No. 1221 – 2016 Budget Amendment: The total budget amendment request is for $534,926 which includes $371,453 in new expenditures, $109,750 in additional revenue recognition, and $163,473 in net transfers from both special revenue and operating funds. The total fund balance reduction is $261,703. (Adopted).
  6. Motion – Approval of Community Garden Regulations: The City is developing regulations for community gardens to more transparently and comprehensively manage ongoing operations of the garden. The proposed regulations were developed based on examples from other cities and feedback from current gardeners, and reviewed for consistency with existing park regulations in RMC 8.18. (Approved).
    For more information, see the City Council webpage (Final minutes will be posted following approval by the City Council at its next regularly scheduled meeting on November 17, 2016).

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