Clark Conservation District

Clark County is experiencing rapid growth in residential, commercial, and industrial development. Now more than ever it is important for us to protect the organizations that help maintain a balance between development and conservation of natural & agricultural resources. One such agency is the Clark Conservation District (CCD). “The CCD is a legal sub-division of state government that administers programs to conserve natural resources. We are a non-regulatory agency that was created to bridge the gap between local landowners and state and federal government,” –

The CCD works with farmers, landowners, and policy makers to implement best management practices, improve the health of rural lands, and protect waterways. They offer the technical resources to aid property owners in being good stewards of the land they tend. This may be through such actions as farm management plans and resources to enhance wildlife habitat. The District also engages the community through plant sales, environmental education, and programs with young people.

Unfortunately, the grants that fund the CCD are disappearing. We are at risk of losing an organization that protects our quality of life. The good news is that each of us can take a small action to save them. A petition is in place to encourage the Clark County Council to adopt a modest fee of $5/per parcel/per year. Signing the petition will continue the CCD’s work of bringing people closer to the land. This may be key in encouraging folks to consider how the preservation of their land will impact the community and generations to come. The link to sign the petition is below. Will you help save the Clark Conservation District?

The petition to save the CCD may be found here:

Visit the Clark Conservation District website here:  

– Contributed by Byron Brink

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