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I welcome information for the blog as well as comments.

*  Items submitted for publication to should be sent as text within the body of an e-mail message, not as an attachment.

*  Press releases sent as attached Word documents, PDFs, JPGs, or with a link to click for more information will not be accepted.

*  Information should be limited to two or three paragraphs, with the most important information listed first.

*  Photos and graphics can be attached as JPG files, and increase the chance that items will be run more prominently.

*  Information should be submitted at least one week before the date of the event to

* If you are sending information I might want to quote, or a photo to use, please let me know whether to credit you by your full name, first name, initials, or not at all. If you’re sending info about a lost/found pet, please include a photo if one is available.

*If you’re sending a comment, please let me know if it’s okay to publish your comment, or if it’s just for my eyes. I’ll assume it’s okay to publish unless I hear differently from you.

To send news tips/releases, event announcements, lost/found pets, want ads etc. – please e-mail:

Phone: 360-887-2160, although I prefer not taking information over the phone – there’s too much chance of getting it wrong!

For information about becoming an FYI sponsor, contact  me at, 360-887-2160

Kathy Winters