Container Park

Allen Malone made a presentation to the Port on Thursday about a potential addition to Ridgefield.

Allen Malone at Port

He showed photos of an existing container park in Las Vegas, using railroad containers and XTreme cubes connecting them. The cubes are 10x10x10′ spaces with a roof/ceiling, floor, and four posts connecting them. They may be configured to fit their use.

Here are photos from the Las Vegas park.

Container park 1

The size of the park in Las Vegas is 400′ x 150′, and there is about 19,000 square feet of retail space, including restaurants, arts area, stage, playground, wine bar, playground, park, pet area, etc.

Container park 2

It could be used for community events, and would help make Rdigefield a destination location.

Container park 3

Container park 4

There was an unusually large audience in attendance, so I assume there is some interest in the community in this concept.

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  1. Clyde Burkle says

    Having visited Container Park in Las Vegas three times, I can say it is one of the most unique gathering places I’ve ever visited. It is a great place as it is filled with a wide variety of businesses, small restaurants, coffee shops, something for everyone. I believe it would be a wonderful addition to Ridgefield.

  2. It just seems that for the emerging Ridgefield waterfront development, the advent of containers stuck together, as in the enclosed photos of the article, comes across as a pitiful, cheap, and easy way to cut corners on the entire project. There is no visual appeal, and there is certainly a total lack of class that residents are expecting. My opinion after consideration.

    • Kathy…thank you so much for coming to our meeting on the 23rd. It was great to have you there and nice to see you. Thank you, too, for the coverage of this concept on fyi98642.

      I wanted to take a second to address Rich’s concerns. The container park idea is simply a concept the port is looking at. There have been no decisions made by the port staff o commission to invest in such a development. Additionally, the idea of a container park is not a consideration for the development of Millers’ Landing. If a container park is ever done by the port, it will be a separate project with the intent of helping small business owners have inexpensive and unique incubator space.

      We welcome comment and thoughts.

      Nelson Holmberg
      Vice President, Innovation
      Port of Ridgefield

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