Cooper’s Hawk


From Paul Snoey:

If you drive up Bertsinger Rd, andclimb up the hill After a few turns, there is a house on a corner that has a gazebo in the front yard.

In driving by last week-end I saw a large bird fly across the yard and land on the railing.  It was a hawk and it was excited.  It flew from side to side across the gazebo and even flew down to the floor twice and jumped around.  It was staring intently at the ground both inside and outside the gazebo.  It was on the hunt.  After several minutes it gave up and flew away.

The refuge office helped to identify the hawk from the photos as a juvenile Cooper’s Hawk.  It looks very much like its cousin the Sharp-Shinned Hawk and the two young hawks are hard to tell apart.  Both birds are agile predators of small birds.   They both have learned to stay near bird feeders much to the dismay of bird lovers who put out food to attract song birds.

Who knows what this hawk was after but there were many walnut shells on the railing and Coopers do sometimes take squirrels.

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