Eclipse Photos

I know the eclipse is old news, but I’m finally back online after help from Mike Bonebrake, and I thought you’d like to see what was going on at the Methodist Church parking lot last Monday. There was a nice crowd.

Paul Snoey orchestrated the whole event and  captured the eclipse on his camera, projecting the image on his TV  so we could watch the eclipse without special glasses. Paul spent a lot of time learning the best way to show the eclipse with his camera. Thanks Paul!


Hal Newhouse had a huge telescope, and he projected the image on a piece of paper.

Several people made pinhole cameras, which worked surprisingly well. The secret is to really use a pin to make the hole – a larger sized hole did not work.

The big surprise to me was that it didn’t get darker – seems like blotting out 98% of the sun would make the world seem much darker.

Sean McGill from the library brought viewing glasses that the library provided, and someone from Ridgefield dropped off 30 pairs – thank you!


  1. Sherri Birgensmith says:

    What a fabulous community! And thanks to you, Kathy, for all you do!

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