Extreme Playground Makeover at South Ridge Elementary School

Have you ever wanted to be on a makeover show to magically transform your home?  The South Ridge Elementary School playground had a similar makeover thanks to some wonderful volunteers.

Last year, some of the PTO members realized that the playground lines and activities were getting very worn.  With the traffic of many little feet and the challenging northwest weather, some of the lines on the asphalt had eroded completely away.  So for the beginning of the new school year, they organized a paint party.

Lisa Hernandez’ business, Hernandez Quality Painting, donated the colorful paint.  Anne Lamping got approval and organized the event.  With the help of Joanne and Stephen Cloud, Hailey Heath, Nick Hunziker, and Amber Nelsen, they spent hours cleaning the surfaces, prepping them, and painting new lines for basketball goals, hopscotch, and tic-tac-toe.

The next project is to repaint the colorful map of the United States.  So look forward to more Extreme Playground Makeover pictures to come!

Volunteers lead a playground makeover at South Ridge Elementary.


The lines by the basketball goals are much easier to see.


Hopscotch squares went from barely visible to bright colors.


In addition to tic-tac-toe, there are bright lines to show students where to line up after recess.

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