Follow up on the November Meaningful Movie

Wednesday’s showing of An Inconvenient Truth was the best attended to date due to our partnership with the Sierra Club. It really speaks to the importance of working together! If you weren’t able to attend, “An Inconvenient Sequel” is available through Amazon to rent, Red Box and Netflix’s DVD service. I highly recommend it.

Some notes from my husband, Chris Dudley, who is our discussion moderator:

“A big Thank You! To our sponsors, The Loo-Wit Sierra Club, The Ridgefield Community Library, The Ridgefield Community Group, The Old Liberty Theater, and to everyone who came out, contributed, and/or spoke up!

First, I incorrectly attributed a Freeman Dyson statement about humanity’s need to plant a billion trees to help mitigate climate change to an Albuquerque, New Mexico television reporter named Stuart Dyson. I met Stuart at a college party in the late 80s and he became a hero of mine. I’ve had some email correspondence with Freeman Dyson, the eminent theoretical physicist, over the years. Confusing the two men may seem inexcusable unless you know that both are irascible, interesting characters.

A question was asked that begs for more discussion, ‘how to get people engaged in the climate fight who have other social justice concerns that they feel they need to focus on instead.’ Our thought from the Meaningful Movies team, based on a mountain of literature, is that our changing climate will disproportionately affect people with the least resources, those suffering, those who have always suffered systemic oppression. Fighting climate change is the right thing to do from a social justice perspective because the disenfranchised face the worst consequences of global climate change.

I mentioned a Brooking’s Institution White Paper on Carbon Tax Credits. There a myriad of them. The Brooking’s Institution is a fantastic resource for policy information.

Here is NASA’s report on the gravitational pull of icebergs and what the loss of those iceberg’s may do to nearby cities and ports.

Information about the Hybrid Geothermal-Solar power plant recently installed in Nevada which Marc Rappaport designed and spoke of can be found here.

Please get in touch with Don Steinke ( to find out how you can help specifically in stopping projects that contribute to climate change and in working on policies in the schools and city governments to reduce fossil fuels. He’s out front, every day. If you realize how important this fight is but don’t know what to do, ask Don! He, and we, could really use your help and involvement. His hand-out is linked here.

I’ll be putting together an informational meeting on Marc Rappaport’s idea of building a community solar array. I have nearly zero details at this point, and am only gathering information and hoping to find those interested. Please, please text or call me 505 803 3766 or email me if you live in Ridgefield and you’re interested in learning more (unless you put your info on the sign-up list already).”

We were also so fortunate to have Brian Ettling from Citizens Climate Lobby in Portland speak briefly. If you are interested in getting involved with legislative efforts at the state and federal levels, please contact Dawn Marineau Kropp, who is involved with the Vancouver chapter at 503-830-2174 or e-mail her at

There will be no film in December. Please save the date January 24th for Tickling Giants.

Megan Dudley

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