Getting A Flu Shot

The graphic above is from the  CDC and shows the impact of influenza for the past several seasons ending in 2017-2018.  No data was presented since then.   The numbers are a little hard to see, but for 2017 – 2018 the numbers are: 45 million cases, 810 thousand hospitalizations and 61,000 deaths.  Concerning the 2019-2020 season, I did hear an official state that the flu season was expected to be the worst in more than a decade but it did not happen.  It ended six weeks early and the reason is believed to be the measures taken to control the covid-19 pandemic.  What is good for controlling covid-19 works for the flu since they are transmitted much the same way.

According to the CDC, the mortality of the flu is about 0.1% and the latest from WHO is 0.6% for covid-19.  This would be 1000 deaths for each million having the flu and 6000 deaths/million from Covid-19.  

There is a concern that later this fall and winter, the combined seasons of both diseases could overwhelm health care in the US.  Things are unpredictable with a new disease and the flu and  how they both  interact and  impact us later.  The one thing we can do is get a flu shot.  The state of Massachusetts has required all students to get a flu shot and other states may follow.   I got one two weeks ago at  the Albertson’s pharmacy in Salmon Creek.  Rosaurs will have them available on September 1st.  If there ever was a time to get a flu shot, it is now.

By Paul Snoey



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