Hanging Baskets Downtown

hanging basket

Have you noticed the hanging baskets downtown?

They were a joint project of the Ridgefield Garden Club, the Main Street Program, the City of Ridgefield and Gary Adkins, a local community-oriented donor.

Not to brag, but I feel very good about the fact that I was the one who initiated the project. We’ve talked for several years about bringing back the hanging baskets that the Garden Club used to maintain. (One summer Phyllis Vidin and her husband dragged a stepladder throughout town in order to water the baskets – and it was not pleasant.)

After enjoying the baskets outside the building south of the Post Office last summer, I finally stopped to ask who maintained them, contacted Tim Blake of Landscaping NW and found he lives in Ridgefield.

I passed on this information to Steve Coxen of the Main Street Program, and he ran with it, found donors, and VOILA! we once again have hanging baskets decorating our downtown.

Aren’t they beautiful? Maybe next year we can have even more….

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