Instructional Materials Committee Seeks Parent Members

Ridgefield School District is currently seeking parents to serve on the Instructional Materials Committee.  All parents are invited to take part in the district’s process to review curriculum materials proposed for use in Ridgefield schools.

The Instructional Materials Committee (IMC) is composed of teachers, district administrators and parents.  It is responsible for reviewing all curriculum materials proposed for adoption in teaching grades K-12.  Review and approval by the IMC is required before any proposed curriculum is presented to the school board for adoption approval.

IMC members are typically called upon two to three times a year to review materials and attend meetings.  Occasionally, the IMC will convene to address a question or a challenge with regard to curriculum materials currently in use.  In such cases, the IMC conducts an orderly review of the materials in question and provides recommendations to the school board for appropriate action.

Parent seats on the committee are now available.  If you are interested in serving on the Instructional Materials Committee, please contact Heidi Smith via email at

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