It’s Time to be Heard!

Now that the school bond has passed, the Trustees of the Fort Vancouver Regional Library are starting to think seriously about where our new library will be located. They are looking at two sites: View Ridge Middle School and the plot north of the Post Office. It’s time people in Ridgefield let the group know their feelings about where the library will be located. Let’s show that Ridgefield wants to be involved in the site selection.

The trustees meet this Monday, MARCH 20 (Note – this date  was incorrect in the first posting) at Three Creeks Library starting at 4:00. There is time for public comments soon after the meeting starts, and I would like as many people as possible to attend the meeting and speak about which location they prefer. It would be good to have several reasons for your choice.  You do not have to stay for the whole meeting – just for the comments portion.

Invite your friends – make it an afternoon of showing what Ridgefield is all about. You could even go out for a drink afterwards.

Three Creeks Library is at 800 NE Tenney Road –  it shares a parking lot with Fred Meyer.

P.S In case you’re wondering, I’m for the Post Office location because of the views out over the Refuge, proximity to the existing Community Center, and a million other reasons. My idea would be to have senior housing on the second floor of the building, with garden spaces on the west side. Can’t you imagine living right downtown and having access to all we have to offer?

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