Library Group Meets to Plan Opening Festivities

Ridgefield Friends of the Library met last week to start planning for the opening of our new library. Yes folks, it’s actually going to happen – one of these days – hopefully by the end of June. COVID has slowed down some of the suppliers, so it’s taking longer than anticipated.

Here’s the planning committee meeting outdoors, in the cold, fully masked and socially distanced. These are some of the people who have worked so hard to raise money for the library, and we owe them a big ‘thanks’.

Would you like to donate to my ‘10% for 85’ campaign to raise money for a hearing loop for the library?  Go to and click on the donation button. When you fill out the form please note either ‘hearing loop’ or ‘10% for 85’ so the money will be credited correctly.

If you prefer writing a check, please make it out to Friends of the Ridgefield Library and send it to 10% for 85, c/o Kathy Winters, PO Box 381, Ridgefield, WA 98642. Thanks so much!

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