Lots of Smiles in Ridgefield Today

I’m happy to report that the Executive Board of the Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries voted last night to award the contract to construct our new library to Union Corner Construction. This means we can start remodeling the existing building and former Community Center into a bigger, better library.  HURRAH!

It’s been a long hard pull for the Friends of the Library, and thanks are owed to all the members who have worked so hard to raise money for the project.

Seven bids were received and the bid came under estimates, at $2,484,000. Adding in sales tax and a 20% contingency, gives an estimated budget of $3,250,000,leaving about $350,000 for remaining soft costs and FF&E.

Union Corner Construction is a forty year old company that specializes in commercial construction. They built the Cascade Park Library as well as the west room of our Community Center.

The first step will be in moving the contents of the present library into the former bank building across the alley. The plans originally were to use a human chain to pass the books, but with COVID-19 that’s probably not going to happen. I’ll keep you posed….





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