Make a Diffeence

Nikkki Paulson and her daughter

Nikki Paulson was planning to attend the Portland women’s march, but with Covid cases surging, she was a bit nervous about that.

A couple days ago, her daughter came into her sewing room as she was making the sash for her costume. Her daughter got very excited and wanted her own sash. So Nikki decided to stick around town, make her daughter a sash, recruit her partner and son and do a little family march thru town this morning. They made a stop at the RACC ballot box to drop their ballots, then walked thru town, down to the waterfront then back to their house.

They got a few honks and lots of waves. Her daughter thought it was so fun!

Nikki says she’s been doing her best to model public service for her children, and this was one more way. Since Covid started, she’s made and donated over 1800 masks to local healthcare and essential workers as well as the Navajo Nation and Warm Springs reservation. She’s also written over 300 postcards to voters and they’ve helped with stamps.

Now that’s a worthwhile political statement!

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