Make it 2 M

The Fort Vancouver Regional Library Trustees hold their monthly meeting on Monday, May 21, at the La Center Community Center starting at 6:00.

A work session is being held before the regular meeting at 4:45 p.m. and is open to the public. At this meeting Executive Director Amelia Shelley intends to ask the Library Board to consider moving forward on the Community Center as the location for the new Ridgefield Library.  They may also discuss cash reserves.

It would be wonderful if a huge crowd of people from Ridgefield showed up at the 4:45 meeting to show our support and enthusiasm. It’s been a long pull, but there is an end in sight!

The La Center Community Center is on North Highland Street, but I could not find a number.

Please note – this meeting is still tentative. Check the blog Monday morning in case any of the information changes.


  1. Which community center are they considering? Ridgefield or la center?

    (from Kathy: Ridgefield.)

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