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Fort Vancouver Library is considering a third site for our new Ridgefield library – the ball field at the middle school. Advantages of this site are its size, location at the entrance to our downtown, amount of parking available, proximity to the elementary schools,  etc. Since the middle school building will be used for community education and other uses the block will be like a center for the community. I can see a lot of advantages to building there.

The other two sites are the lots north of the Post Office and extending down to the railroad tracks and the actual View Ridge Middle School site, which would require tearing down the old building.

I’d love to hear your comments, as I’m sure the Directors of the Library would. Please press ‘comment’, below, to comment on this location.



  1. I for one, like this idea for the new library. My only concern is where the extra parking will be? Would there be room to build an extra parking lot? Currently, the elementary school parking lot can get quite hectic and fills up easily. Also – during drop off and pickup through the school year – the school buses pull in and park all around that area near the ball field- so there is no driving in or out near there during those parts of the day.

  2. Ken Stewart says:

    I think the ball field is a brilliant location. While I initially thought the lots by the Post Office would be best because of the fantastic view (imagining a 2 story building with the west side being all windows), the best practical location is the ball fields.

  3. Frank Karben says:

    I agree the ball field at the present middle school is an ideal location for a new library, but only after a new ball field and practice area is acquired and accepted by the school district.

  4. paul snoey says:

    The ball field is almost 3 acres, is square, and level. The four lots on Mill Street are less than one acre, only 107 feet deep, and 350 feet in length with the western most two lots at a 12% slope. There would more flexibility with the ball field to provide for a building, landscaping, access, and parking. The ball field may be a better area.

  5. I cannot support the library being built in the location of the ball field.

    First, we will still be in a shortage of ball fields after the Recreation Complex is built. We cannot remove park space for a library.

    Second, there are many people working on the future vision of the downtown, and unanimously agree that putting a non-retail building on a HIGHWAY into our downtown is not forward thinking. A thriving community needs businesses on the main arteries. 3 acres for a one-story building like the Maintenance Building would be shameful and regrettable in the future as we reflect back and say, “What were we thinking?”

    Third, what seems simple to the eye isn’t always so simple. There are barriers to this location.

    Fourth, the citizens and City officials overwhelmingly support the Mill Street location. Plans for this location have been thoughtfully gone over as to why this is best. It is our library. Let’s stand our ground for a spectacular building with breathtaking views for our residents.

  6. Marianne says:

    Removing green space is not practical and the City Officials overwhelmingly support The Mill Street Location. Why does Fort Vancouver have the final say? Do we have any leverage with the money that has been raised?

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