Make it 2M

The Ridgefield Community Library is getting closer to a reality. FVRL Executive Director Amelia Shelley shared an update with me. The Fort Vancouver Regional Library District is working with the Ridgefield Community Center Association to negotiate the donation of the building and wrapping up some site evaluation work. Both parties intend to make every effort to complete this process this summer. It appears that the building will serve as a match for a portion of the million dollar matching grant offered by an anonymous donor. An appraisal of the building will establish the value of that match. The Community Center Board is in the process of determining how much longer they will manage the property, the terms of the donation to the library and what they will do with the assets that remain.

To date, the Friends of the Ridgefield Community Library, the Fort Vancouver Regional Library Foundation and the Library District have raised and set aside nearly $1.3 million for this project. Those funds, combined with the matching grant, get us close to enough money to cover the estimated construction costs for the expansion and remodel based on preliminary estimates. Amelia said that she believes that another $800,000 to $1 million dollars will be needed for soft costs such as architects, engineers and other consultants, furnishings and fixtures, upgrades and amenities for the new library (such as an early literacy installation in the children’s area or a fireplace) and other facilities costs. The District intends to hire an architecture team this fall that can help establish a final project budget.

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