Meet a Local Merchant: First Centennial Mortgage

My name is Niki Cantrell and as your new local lender, I wanted to take the time to introduce myself to the community. My family now has five generations born and raised in Ridgefield. My brother owns TLC Towing and my dad, Lee Wells, is on the City Council. This last January, I opened the Camas, WA branch of First Centennial Mortgage and now have proudly opened the downtown Ridgefield branch at 418 Pioneer Street.

What brought us to First Centennial Mortgage was their core values. They focus on the customer experience more than filling their own pockets. They don’t spend the money that customers worked hard for on marketing or having high rise offices. Keeping our overhead low allows us to have lower fees than our competitors. It’s been said we’ve got the Nordstrom service with the Walmart pricing!

As the market is shifting, not everyone is. We at First Centennial Mortgage have not experienced it. In the interest of our customers we compared rates to a few other mortgage companies and found ourselves consistently less expensive across the board. To you as the borrower, this means that by using First Centennisl you can keep your costs down and keep your loan process local.

A little about me. It has been a long-time goal of mine to bring my business to the community I grew up in. I have worked in this industry for 14 years and have over 30 years in customer service. Coming to First Centennial Mortgage, I found a family-oriented company that loved the idea of expanding into my hometown. So we have now opened our second branch in the Pacific Northwest in only nine months. My goal is to always make myself available to provide education as well as support in achieving personal and financial objectives.

We have an amazing staff here and would like to get to know everyone in the community! Please come stop by for your free mortgage evaluation, a personalized preapproval plan or to just say hi! I can be reached at 360-601-4054.

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