MISSING:  Ridgefield Main Street Tent

The ten was last seen Oktoberfest Saturday at approximately 7:30pm, after it was taken down and in a black bag.  It was sitting where it was set up with three tables and two chairs.  Also there was a cardboard box and a black plastic box with yellow lid.

The next morning, the tent weights and both boxes had been moved to the concessions building but the tent was not there.  It still has not been seen in the storage unit where other tents are kept, or anyplace else we can think of.

Tent size is 10×10 and the bag looks like many others seen that day.  The blue cover is not removable so if you happened to end up with an extra and you want to check, a quick unzip peek will let you see the color of the tent inside.

We feel someone picked up the canopy by mistake.

If you have any information please contact Marykay Lamoureaux at ridgefieldmainstreet@gmail.com.  It can be returned to RORC or most anyplace where someone will see it, no questions asked.  Thank you!

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