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Here’s more information about Wednesday’s Meaningful Movie, ‘In Pursuit of Silence:’

This week we have a treat in store with you with a thought provoking meditative film “In Pursuit of Silence” and two speakers who have very different areas of expertise.

Paul Donavan, Sc.D. is the Secretary General of the International Institute of Noise Control Engineers. Although Dr. Donavan has a broad background in acoustics, his particular areas of expertise include tire noise, sound intensity methods, aeroacoustics and wind tunnel testing, and structure-borne sound. He received his Doctor of Science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology specializing in Acoustics with research in urban sound propagation and he will be sharing data of noise levels around Ridgefield.

Our second guest is the Reverend Yuki Sugahara from the Oregon Buddhist Temple. He is originally from Shimane Prefecture located just north of Hiroshima. In 2009 Reverend Yuki came to the United States to attend the International Ministerial Orientation Program at the Jodo Shinshu Center in Berkeley, California. Rev. Yuki also obtained a B.A. in Human Studies (major in Buddhist Studies) from Musashino University and M.A. in Buddhist Studies from Musashino Grad School.

It will be a very interesting juxtaposition between the scientific and the spiritual. This is great film to bring the young people in your life to as it will be an opportunity to get their questions answered about Buddhism and the physics of sound. We hope to have a roboust discussion on this Thanksgiving Eve.

Doors open at 6:30, movie starts at 7:00 at the Old Liberty Theater in downtown Ridgefield.

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