Multicultural Festival Today

Big doings all day today as Ridgefield celebrates our Multicultural Festival. It begins at 10am with a welcome speech by Mayor Don Stose and then a parade of Chinese lions at Overlook Park, corner of Main and Pioneer,

Events continue throughout the day. Here’s the schedule for the Overlook Park events:

11am Takohachi Japanese drum and dance

12:30 Master Oh’s  tae kwan do

3:15 Maharaja Bangra Indian Dance Group

4:00 Scarlet Sails Russian Theater Group

5:00 Chinook Closing Ceremony

Cooking classes and music workshops will be held at the Community Center, but pre-registration was suggested, so there’s no guarantee there will still be space left.

9 :00 Filipino cooking ($10)

10:00 Ora Nui Tahitan Dance workshop ($25)

10:30 Scandinavian cooking ($10)

1:00 Five French ‘master’ sauces ($10)

3:00 Spicy Nigerian meat and Joliof rice ($0)

3:00 Gerardo Calderon and his Condor instrument workshop @15)

He will do an evening performance at the Old Liberty Theater ($15)

Flags of many nations will be displayed along Main and Pioneer, purchased by citizens of Ridgefield to honor their ancestors’ counties of birth.

Be sure to stop at the library and see the Chinese lion on display.

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