News about the Proposed Fuel Station

Over 100 neighbors gathered at the RACC tonight to hear a presentation by the proposed developers of the commercial property at Sevier and Hillhurst. The overwhelming views were to not put a fuel station at that location. People had few complaints with a mini-mart and other small businesses, but were against having a fuel station because of the traffic, noise, detrimental air quality, and other factors.

Did you know that FHA will not loan money on properties within 350 feet of a gas tank larger than 1000 gallons?

Tonight at the City Council meeting (6:30 at the RACC)  there will a public hearing on the previous action taken regarding the emergency moratorium on gasoline stations in CNB Zones.

The meeting last night was sponsored by the HOA Council.



  1. Richard Jones says

    I live in Cassini View Estates, not far from the property in question. In my life, I have had the unfortunate experience of witnessing on two separate occasions, fires at gas pumps resulting in a great deal of damage to property and vehicles.
    So, considering the hazardous conditions inherent in having gas being pumped at a neighborhood site, there is the additional downside of continuous motor vehicle noise (engines being reved and slamming car doors), as well as the need for sufficient elevated lighting (per government code) for the entire property. This will definitely lower nearby property values…..would you buy a house near this??

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